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Style Decor
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Style Decor
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Style Decor catalogue for balusters.

Old World Concretes
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Old World Concretes
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Old World Concrete's range of balusters, balustrade plinths, baluster piers and copings.

Resocrete Resocrete products are fabricated from a range of specialized resin composites which once moulded, produce a product which is both durable and versatile, and can be cast into almost endless shapes and forms to meet the most diverse of design needs. Made from primarily waste products, recycled materials, by product materials and natural stone, resocrete compounds attain a 98% green build rating whilst retaining superior compressive strength, flexural strength, acoustic damping properties, as well as outstanding thermal blanketing.
Style Decor
Style Decor The company specialises in the manufacture of both functional and decorative ornamental concrete products for a large variety of applications. Designs range from classical to modern as well as ethnic.The range of products now manufactured by the company include:Exterior decorative products such as:-Plant Containers, Statues, Water Features, Stepping Stones, PedestalsBuilders’ products such as:-Columns, Ballusters, Window Sills, Copings, Pier CapsInterior products such as:-Tables, Coffee Tables, Sculptures, ServersSteel products such as:-Domes, Benches, Ornamental Bicycles, Arches
Modcon Concrete Works
Modcon Concrete Works Modcon has 40 years experience in the manufacturing of moulds, lightweight and precast decorative concrete products to Architectural designs.
Old World Concretes
Old World Concretes Manufacturer of precast concrete products since 1919. Architectural and Decorative.