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From a design perspective, there has never been so much choice available to specifiers. Ongoing research and development in the Sintered Stone Surface market has meant there is now something to suit any taste and application. From realistic colour palettes and sensitive detailing to silky smooth finishes and subtle texturing, the industry is constantly looking […]

keyboard_arrow_upSafintra | Specification Manual 2017
keyboard_arrow_downSafintra | Specification Manual 2017
keyboard_arrow_upSafintra | Tufdek IBR Sheeting
keyboard_arrow_downSafintra | Tufdek IBR Sheeting

IBR is an abbreviation for Inverted Box Rib, an angular trapezoidal fluted profile sheet with a bold appearance which makes it both attractive and practical. The general shape and appearance of the trapezoidal flutes ensure that IBR is totally acceptable for use as roof and wall cladding. The deep and broad flutes of the IBR type sheeting ensures excellent drainage characteristics.

keyboard_arrow_upSafintra | Trimflute Roofing and Cladding Profile
keyboard_arrow_downSafintra | Trimflute Roofing and Cladding Profile

Trimflute is a subtle square fluted profile. The long flute gives the profile its strength with long spanning capabilities. Trimflute can be used as a roofing as well as a cladding profile. The square flutes of Trimflute type sheeting ensure excellent drainage characteristics.

keyboard_arrow_upSafintra | Classicorr Corrugated Profile
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The Corrugated profile is sinusoidal and can be used as roofing and cladding material. With its origins dating back to the Victorian era, it is probably the most commonly known sheeting profile used in the world today. The fact that the corrugated profiled sheeting has been around since before the turn of the century proves that this easy to use and effective profile for roofing and wall cladding is here to stay.

keyboard_arrow_upAlcobond Industries | Company News – February 2017
keyboard_arrow_downAlcobond Industries | Company News – February 2017

With 2017 under way and the wheels of the industry begin to turn once again, AISA, the official licensed distributor in Southern and Sub-Saharan Africa for Alcobond Composite Industries Dubai, is proud to announce that they will now be supplying the Alcofort™ Fire Rated (FR) Core Aluminum Composite Panels as standard practice at no additional cost to you, the valued customer.

keyboard_arrow_upAlcobond Industries | Company News – December 2016
keyboard_arrow_downAlcobond Industries | Company News – December 2016

Alcobond Industries South Africa, the official distributors in Southern and sub Saharan Africa for Alcobond Composite Industries, recently hosted Mr Gopa Kumar and Mr Arshad Amaann from ACI in Dubai.

keyboard_arrow_upAlcobond Industries | Company News – April 2017
keyboard_arrow_downAlcobond Industries | Company News – April 2017

As part of the Alcobond Industries South Africa 2017 Sales Strategy, increasing the AISA footprint was one of the key objectives and focus points. With that said, AISA are proud to announce that the first appointment of a distributor, as part of the planned distributor network, has been successfully negotiated and concluded.

keyboard_arrow_upMetal Cladding Category Winner Steel Awards 2017
keyboard_arrow_downMetal Cladding Category Winner Steel Awards 2017

The striking, winding metal roof of the new terminal building at the Kasane Airport in Botswana was announced as the Winner of the Metal Cladding Award at the SAISC Steel Awards 2017. The awards ceremony, which was held in September 2017, honours innovative use of steel and innovation in design, fabrication or construction, and technical […]

keyboard_arrow_upGlobal Roofing Solutions | Nu-Rib™ Profiled Sheeting
keyboard_arrow_downGlobal Roofing Solutions | Nu-Rib™ Profiled Sheeting

A roofing profile designed to provide the building industry with an economical alternative to the deeper Box Rib profiles without sacrificing the popular fluted concept so frequently featured in modern architecture. Nu-Rib™ is economical in comparison and is also great as a cladding option because of the shallow ribs.

keyboard_arrow_upGlobal Roofing Solutions | Steel Awards 2017
keyboard_arrow_downGlobal Roofing Solutions | Steel Awards 2017

Global Roofing Solutions was proudly involved as the Roofing and Cladding manufacturer in 7 of the 8 Category Winners this year.. Congratulations to all involved in these award-winning projects.

BullRose Civils Profiles
BullRose Civils Profiles A Terraforce installer.
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Our core business is the supply of Alcofort™ Aluminium Composite Panels, extruded aluminium edging and aluminium substructures into the high-end architectural facia markets. Alcobond Industries South Africa (Pty) Ltd is the sole South African importer and distributor of Alcofort™ Aluminium Composite panels which are manufactured by Alcobond Composite Industries LLC located in the UAE.

keyboard_arrow_upThe Facts about Nutec’s Thermal Properties
keyboard_arrow_downThe Facts about Nutec’s Thermal Properties

Nutec products exhibit low thermal conductivity properties when compared with other sheet roofing and cladding products. This is ideal when reduced heat build up in summer and heat loss in winter is required.

keyboard_arrow_upGlobal Roofing Solutions | Klip-Lok 406 Profiled Roof Sheeting
keyboard_arrow_downGlobal Roofing Solutions | Klip-Lok 406 Profiled Roof Sheeting

A concealed fix roofing profile ideally suited for low pitches with unique double interlocking side laps. Klip-Lok 406 manufactured in continuous lengths with on-site rolling of sheet lengths in excess of transportable limits.