Cementitious Powder Primer

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TAL KEYMIX is a cementitious powder primer to be used in a 2:1 mix (by volume) with TAL KEYCOAT. This mix offers phenomenal adhesion to most dense, impervious and smooth surfaces such as: powerfloated/steelfloated concrete and screeds, existing tiles, glass, etc. When applied to a minimum 2mm thickness it improves the flexibility of the tiling installation, eg when tiling onto conventional reinforced concrete suspended slabs.  It will also enhance the water resistance of the installation, such as showers and balconies, particularly when used in conjunction with a modified adhesive and grout system ie when TAL BOND or TAL BOND POWDER is incorporated in the adhesive and grout mix. (A proprietary waterproofing system, such as TAL SUPERFLEX I or TAL SUREPROOF, should be applied prior to tiling if a waterproof installation is required.)