Bricks and Blocks

Interlocking Bricks

MVA Bricks
MVA Bricks Manufacturers of bricks.
Hydraform Hydraform Building System - The blocks are manufactured by hydraulically compressing a soil-cement mixture in the Hydraform blockmaking machinery. Hydraform building blocks are in use throughout South Africa as well as in Argentina, India, numerous African countries, Mexico and the United States of America. Their use is predominantly in the construction of housing, schools, walls and general single and multi-story buildings.
Aveng Grinaker – LTA
Aveng Grinaker – LTA Aveng Grinaker-LTA is a multi-disciplinary construction and engineering group, anchored in South Africa and focused on selected infrastructure, energy, rail and mining opportunities in Africa. The company combines African roots and a proud South African heritage with an unwavering commitment to world-class safety and quality. It offers a comprehensive range of standalone or integrated services in building, civil engineering, roads, earthworks, concrete, ground engineering, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation contracting which is delivered through focused business units acting in synergy.