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Karin Johns, Freelance Journalist, investigates the effectiveness of pre-cast interlocking concrete block retaining walls in reducing highway traffic noise, as well as the urgency of reducing noise pollution – unwanted human-created sound that disrupts the environment – in South Africa. How concrete acoustic barriers work According to British Precast, trade body for the United Kingdom precast […]

keyboard_arrow_upINCA Concrete | General Purpose Masonry Products
keyboard_arrow_downINCA Concrete | General Purpose Masonry Products

INCA's range of concrete general purpose masonry products...

keyboard_arrow_upClay Brick Construction – Pre-Eminent in the Sustainability Stakes
keyboard_arrow_downClay Brick Construction – Pre-Eminent in the Sustainability Stakes

Despite the emergence of new high-tech alternative lightweight building technologies, clay brick in house construction is confirmed as intrinsically ‘perfect’ for defining a sustainable and more energy efficient future...

keyboard_arrow_upTerraforce | Terracrete: Permeable Concrete Block Paving (Wet Cast)
keyboard_arrow_downTerraforce | Terracrete: Permeable Concrete Block Paving (Wet Cast)

Terracrete is a versatile eco-surface hard lawn paving block. The units can be laid in different patterns and may be used with or without ground anchors for the lining of riverbanks and other areas subjects to soil erosion. The paving of grassed roads and parking areas, as well as the stabilising of steep embankments such as bridge abutments, can be undertaken with these versatile blocks...

keyboard_arrow_upGoing Green with Corobrik
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The new Sisonke District Office in Ixopo is the first provincial government building to achieve a five-star office V1 design rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa. Corobrik’s Burnt Apricot face brick has been used in the construction of this KZN Department of Public Work’s office...

keyboard_arrow_upPrestressed Hollow-Core Walls
keyboard_arrow_downPrestressed Hollow-Core Walls

A retaining wall is a structure designed and constructed to resist lateral soil pressure when the desired change in ground elevation exceeds the soil’s angle of repose. Two basic design concepts - CANTILEVER and GRAVITY - are used for the construction of Echo prestressed hollow-core retaining walls. Echo security walls are not comparable with other walling products. In a class of their own, they protect high-value properties of strategic significance such as airports, military bases, industrial and commercial parks, mines and prisons - in fact any operation that requires over-the-top security...

keyboard_arrow_upTerraforce | L16 Retaining Block
keyboard_arrow_downTerraforce | L16 Retaining Block

The L16 retaining block: L16 standard and L16 rockface.

keyboard_arrow_upTerraforce | L18 Retaining Block
keyboard_arrow_downTerraforce | L18 Retaining Block

The L18 hollow core retaining block: L18 standard.

keyboard_arrow_upTerraforce | L22 Retaining Block
keyboard_arrow_downTerraforce | L22 Retaining Block

The L22 hollow core retaining block: L22 standard and L22 rockface.

keyboard_arrow_upTerraforce | S10 Retaining Block
keyboard_arrow_downTerraforce | S10 Retaining Block

The S10 hollow core retaining block: S10 Standard.

keyboard_arrow_upTerraforce | Terrafix
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Terrafix is an interlocking environmentally acceptable element, made of high strength concrete. It was specifically designed to provide a flexible lining where protection against wind and water erosion is required.

keyboard_arrow_upTerraforce | Terralite
keyboard_arrow_downTerraforce | Terralite

Terralite hollow core retaining blocks: Terralite standard (CT) and Terralite rockface (CT).

keyboard_arrow_upTerraforce | 4×4 Multi Stepblock
keyboard_arrow_downTerraforce | 4×4 Multi Stepblock

The 4x4 Multi Stepblock was aimed at providing efficient and economical steps in conjunction with the original retaining blocks by Terraforce. They soon became very popular not only for stairway access but to provide comfortable, practical seating arrangements at leisure amenities & school sport facilities.

keyboard_arrow_upTerraforce | L13 Retaining Block
keyboard_arrow_downTerraforce | L13 Retaining Block

The L13 hollow core standard retaining block.

keyboard_arrow_upTerraforce | L15 Retaining Block
keyboard_arrow_downTerraforce | L15 Retaining Block

The L15 retaining block: L15 standard and L15 rockface.

keyboard_arrow_upTerraforce | Terracrete: Permeable Concrete Block Paving
keyboard_arrow_downTerraforce | Terracrete: Permeable Concrete Block Paving

Terracrete is a versatile eco-surface hard lawn paving block. From an aesthetic point of view, they are very versatile. A grass driveway, a rustic gravel driveway, or an attractive pattern of pavers can add the finishing touch to a custom home...

keyboard_arrow_upTerraforce | Introduction to the Terraforce Range of Retaining Blocks
keyboard_arrow_downTerraforce | Introduction to the Terraforce Range of Retaining Blocks

Terraforce is an award-winning retaining wall system, combines more advantages than other systems: relatively light weight for transport, interlocking on horizontal as well as vertical plane, reversible to display smooth round face, smooth straight face or split straight face appearance....

keyboard_arrow_upTerraforce | L11 Retaining Block
keyboard_arrow_downTerraforce | L11 Retaining Block

The L11 hollow core retaining block: L11 Standard and L11 Rockface.

keyboard_arrow_upTerraforce | L12 Retaining Block
keyboard_arrow_downTerraforce | L12 Retaining Block

L12 Hollow core retaining block: L12 standard and L12 rockface.

GreenLite Insulated Concrete
GreenLite Insulated Concrete GreenLite Insulated Concrete is the culmination of more than 18 years of  manufacturing and installing ABT’s (alternative building technology) in South Africa.We felt that there had to be a more environmentally friendly way of implementing our insulated building systems. The answer was to use recycled polystyrene which formed the basis of our energy efficient walling systems.We recycle post consumer polystyrene back into eps beads through our recycling plants. This material is then used as aggregate mixed with cement and additives to form insulated, soundproof, fireproof, water-resistant lightweight concrete blocks and screeds.These blocks are proving invaluable to the construction industry where clients and contractors are able to reduce their structural concrete and steel requirements due to the lightweight nature of the walls. The highly insulated walls also offer the added benefit of further energy savings to the client over the lifespan of the building.With climate change looming and the rising cost of energy we are now forced to look at sustainable building options. GreenLite Concrete blocks and screeds fulfill these requirements. We have successfully integrated conventional building techniques with alternative building technology.
Mono Block
Mono Block Mono Block offers a range of products and services for the civil and structural engineering industries in KwaZulu-Natal. Services include civil and structural engineering design for houses, factories and schools whilst products include lintels, suspended slabs, kerbs, rain channels, grass blocks, cobbles, cladding, reinforced concrete beam shuttering, pre-cast fencing and pre-cast concrete housing.
Resocrete Resocrete products are fabricated from a range of specialized resin composites which once moulded, produce a product which is both durable and versatile, and can be cast into almost endless shapes and forms to meet the most diverse of design needs. Made from primarily waste products, recycled materials, by product materials and natural stone, resocrete compounds attain a 98% green build rating whilst retaining superior compressive strength, flexural strength, acoustic damping properties, as well as outstanding thermal blanketing.
Design Acro
Design Acro Architectural company offering full architectural services and project management in the Eastern Cape, leader of quality architectural design of the highest standards appropriate for the South African context and culture, developing globally respected and sound business solutions.
Stone & Style
Stone & Style Stone and Style is a well reputed business entity offering various Cement Concrete Products in the pre-cast industry. Our products range from wall cladding, bevel paving, interlockers, flagstone paving, cobbles, pool coping, stock bricks, maxi bricks, hollow blocks and tiles to name but a few.
Suzerain (Pty) Ltd
Suzerain (Pty) Ltd Concrete casting moulds ideal for building contractors, landscapers, manufacturers and DIY ; cut costs and save. These moulds are for the casting of concrete paving stones, patios, garden pathways, driveways, etc, in different shapes and sizes. All our moulds have a non-slip, textured finish. Indents on the sides of the moulds make laying the pavers easy by allowing a 5mm gap between the stones.
The Tile Gallery
The Tile Gallery Founded in 2009, the beginning of the Tile Gallery was prompted by a hunger in the South African market for an enhanced and ultimate style of luxurious living. Throughout the years, it has been our practice to provide supreme quality products, making us one of the pioneers in the Natural Stone Industry. Considering individual tastes, our family run business caters to homeowners and upmarket professionals with a need to reflect a synonym of high quality within their living & working spaces.We offer extensive ranges of interior and exterior Natural Stone tiles to suite your personal preference and budget. Our various Natural Stone products are especially designed to co-ordinate with one another in texture, colour and size. With importing