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Eagle Eye Bird Control
Eagle Eye Bird Control Urban Bird Control has become a necessity as the predator bird population fade, and the amount of artificial shelter and easy-to-find food sources escalate, pest-bird numbers are starting to get out of control.Pigeons, Gulls, Sparrows and other species have become a massive problem for building-owners, residents, the health conscious as well as farmers.Bird infestation is associated with acidic droppings, disease, lice, noise, property damage, product-loss and many more.Other bird control solutions have been either unsatisfactory, or too brutal to tolerate.In our efforts to find an effective, but harmless bird control solution to this problem, we designed and manufactured the Eagle Eye™ bird reduction unit. Long-term testing has proven that problem-bird numbers are reduced by 60-80% in the area around an Eagle Eye™ installation.
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Roof rats offers the following services: specialised cleaning, exclusion and pest control, bird deterrents, insulation removal and installation, gutter guards, sanitising spray, power washing, gutter clearing, waterproofing, roof painting, geyser removal, roof and ceiling repairs...

Design Acro
Design Acro Architectural company offering full architectural services and project management in the Eastern Cape, leader of quality architectural design of the highest standards appropriate for the South African context and culture, developing globally respected and sound business solutions.
Bird Control South Africa
Bird Control South Africa Supply, install and maintain bird control solutions. Humane pest bird removal. Bird netting, bird spikes and wires, ultrasonic repellents, tase aversion, electric shock repellents and visual repellents.
Birdx-Odus (Colin Payne Consulting cc, T/A)
Birdx-Odus (Colin Payne Consulting cc, T/A) BirdX-odus deals purely with the identification, prevention and solving of bird infestation problems.
Maxiflex Door Systems
Maxiflex Door Systems logo
#1 in industrial doors, loading dock equipment, impact doors and strip curtains. Offering the best quality products and service.Maxiflex Door Systems is the sole distributor in South Africa for Albany high-performance doors, Crawford overhead sectional doors and loading dock equipment, and Megadoor vertical lifting fabric doors. These well- known brands are all part of the global company ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems.Locally manufactured products include Maxiflex strip curtains, and impact doors. Services include: - manufacturing, sales, installation, servicing and maintenance of all products.