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Manhole Covers

A to Z Covers
A to Z Covers There is however good news. Polymer Concrete manhole covers have no scrap value. It has been around since1992 and has been widely used in the Gauteng by municipalities and private developers ever since. And slowly Polymer Concrete manhole covers are making inroads into the rest of South Africa and abroad due to its price competitiveness and proven track record. A Polymer Concrete manhole cover would cost the user about 40% less than a similar manhole made form cast iron. The cost advantage alone allows the user to get more manholes for their money and thereby enables a quicker solution to solving the backlog of open manholes.
Fiberite Products
Fiberite Products Fiberite is a leading manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of high quality SABS approved composite manhole covers and is increasingly being recognised as a respected brand in the infrastructure products market place. 
Paving Pro
Paving Pro
National Manhole Covers
National Manhole Covers National Manhole Covers strives to manufacture and give our clients excellent polymer concrete manhole covers and frames at great service and at reasonable prices.We at National Manhole Covers attain our mission by continuous improvements in all our systems whilst maintaining SABS certification. Our clients are our pride and our motivated staff members are our means.35 persons of our communities find their daily bread at National Manhole Covers. More than half our staff has been with us for almost our entire existence. We manufacture SABS approved manhole covers and frames made from Polymer concrete. This is an alternative to cast iron, which is a product that gets stolen for scrap metal.
Manholes 4 Africa
Manholes 4 Africa Through our team of dedicated and experienced employees, we will manufacture the highest quality dough moulded compound products, utilising the most eco-friendly methods and materials, whilst ensuring that our customer expectations are both met and surpassed. With our company’s commitment to this mission, we provide a safe working and living environment, empowering the communities through job creation, both locally and nationally.

Incledon is an importer and leading national distributor of engineering products in the fluid conveyance industries….

Southern Africa Readymix Association (SARMA)
Southern Africa Readymix Association (SARMA) SARMA is a voluntary industry organisation that represents manufacturers, suppliers and stakeholders in the readymix concrete industry. The association plays an active role in providing regulatory frameworks for the manufacture of concrete of an acceptable standard. It actively engages government and other industry bodies to highlight the benefits of readymix concrete and promote its use in a sustainable manner. Accreditation of members is done via adherence to world-class safety, health and environmental standards and is maintained through annual audits.
Mentis Sales
Mentis Sales

Manufacturer of steel floor grating, fibreglass grating, expanded metal, handrailing systems, steel scaffold planks and floor tiles, trench covers, stormwater grating and guardrails for roads.

Sterling Concrete cc
Sterling Concrete cc Established in 1988, Sterling Concrete manufactures pre-cast concrete products designed for the Landscape, Building, and Civil Construction industries. The product range includes street and park furniture, civil products, as well as customised castings. The aim of the company is the continuous design and development of an aesthetically pleasing, functional and virtually maintenance-free product range.
Smartlock logo
Smartlock is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of electronic access management solutions and related products in specialised applications for a variety of industries. Our success is attributed to the unique solutions and product portfolio that we supply as well as our turn-key capabilities in the successful implementation and activation of these solutions.We pride ourselves in our capabilities and innovations in these specialised application environments. In keeping abreast with the latest technological developments, Smartlock remains a leader in its selected domains and is continuously evolving and innovating. Our technological advancements and designs are protected by registered patents and we provide our customers with valuable business continuity solutions.
Style Decor
Style Decor logo
The company specialises in the manufacture of both functional and decorative ornamental concrete products for a large variety of applications. Designs range from classical to modern as well as ethnic.The range of products now manufactured by the company include:Exterior decorative products such as:-Plant Containers, Statues, Water Features, Stepping Stones, PedestalsBuilders’ products such as:-Columns, Ballusters, Window Sills, Copings, Pier CapsInterior products such as:-Tables, Coffee Tables, Sculptures, ServersSteel products such as:-Domes, Benches, Ornamental Bicycles, Arches
4EVR Plastic Products
4EVR Plastic Products

Cost effective plastic products for the agricultural segment, municipalities, the construction and building industries and fire fighting equipment markets for both custom and proprietary applications.

Aveng Grinaker – LTA
Aveng Grinaker – LTA Aveng Grinaker-LTA is a multi-disciplinary construction and engineering group, anchored in South Africa and focused on selected infrastructure, energy, rail and mining opportunities in Africa. The company combines African roots and a proud South African heritage with an unwavering commitment to world-class safety and quality. It offers a comprehensive range of standalone or integrated services in building, civil engineering, roads, earthworks, concrete, ground engineering, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation contracting which is delivered through focused business units acting in synergy.
Rocla a Division of D&H Piping Systems (Pty) Ltd
Rocla a Division of D&H Piping Systems (Pty) Ltd Manufacturers of precast concrete stormwater/sewer pipes, manholes and box culverts as well as precast lighting and transmission poles, retaining walls, roadside furniture, toilets, bus shelters and Ancillary Products.
Saint Gobain PAM
Saint Gobain PAM Manufacturer of SABS Quality cast iron and Ductile Iron: building products, civil construction products, cookware products and high-tech industrial products.
Cementile Products (Worthytrade 51 cc, T/A)
Cementile Products (Worthytrade 51 cc, T/A) Manufacturer of precast concrete products for the building industry, civil engineering contractors, farmers and garden enthusiasts.
Rofo Engineering cc
Rofo Engineering cc Rofo Engineering products are made of the highest quality stainless steel for protection against acid corrosion and are stain resistant. All our products are made in our factory under personal and guided supervision. Our range includes full flow floor traps, floor and strip channels, as well as grease traps, all meeting the requirements of the National Building Regulations. Our designs are specifically adapted to SA conditions and have been successfully used in a variety of applications for nearly 20 years. These applications include: abattoirs, bakeries, breweries, butcheries, dairies, hospitals, hostels, health gyms, hotels, meat & poultry processing, mortuaries, restaurants, supermarkets, wineries and non-alcoholic beverage industries.