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Smart Locking Logic
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Smart Locking Logic has built a world class reputation for developing and manufacturing innovative access management systems, including the range of unique and revolutionary access chamber solutions that fully addresses all the functional requirements for deployment in telecommunication and utility infrastructure and wet works applications.

Our non-metal access chambers are characterised by market leading performance in ergonomics, ease of use, load carrying capability and service life. Solving problems that utilities face daily, including theft of manhole lids, Smart Locking Logic has incorporated features that enhance the utility’s ability to leverage logistical benefits and cutting edge electronic locking technologies. All products are proudly manufactured in South Africa and stock levels ensure immediate availability of the complete range of products.
Calcamite Sanitary Services (Pty) Ltd
Calcamite Sanitary Services (Pty) Ltd

Manufactures, supplies, installs and maintains sanitation products. Accredited with SABS and Agrement certificates.

Infraset – A Division of Aveng
Infraset – A Division of Aveng Infraset is a specialised operation within the Manufacturing Division of the Aveng group. It was formed with the specific objective of pooling the precast concrete products of the group to provide customers with a focused range of products and services. This streamlined presence in the industry allows Infraset to use its heritage of excellence in the provision of concrete infrastructure products to scale new heights of service and delivery to clients. Infraset manufacture and supply a wide range of paving, retaining wall systems, hollow building blocks, precast embankment seating, concrete roof tiles, river bank and sea wall protection, erosion control and reinforced concrete products.
Rocla a Division of D&H Piping Systems (Pty) Ltd
Rocla a Division of D&H Piping Systems (Pty) Ltd Manufacturers of precast concrete stormwater/sewer pipes, manholes and box culverts as well as precast lighting and transmission poles, toilets, bus shelters and Aneillary Products.
Cementile Products (Worthytrade 51 cc, T/A)
Cementile Products (Worthytrade 51 cc, T/A) Manufacturer of precast concrete products for the building industry, civil engineering contractors, farmers and garden enthusiasts.
Salberg Concrete Products (Pty) Ltd
Salberg Concrete Products (Pty) Ltd Salberg Concrete Products strives to be the precast concrete product supplier of choice.