Steinel Professional
keyboard_arrow_upSteinel | IS 345 MX Highbay Motion Detector for Lighting Automation
Steinel Professional
keyboard_arrow_downSteinel | IS 345 MX Highbay Motion Detector for Lighting Automation

Lighting automation: High-bay warehouses often have narrow aisles and high ceilings. Too high for most sensors. The IS 345 MX Highbay infrared motion detector was specially developed for mounting at heights of up to 14 m and for precision detection between narrow aisles. Ideal for large heights in depots, high-bay warehouses, machine shops, check-in areas and departure lounges

Renu Solar
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Renu Holdings (Pty) Ltd is a Durban based company specialising in domestic, commercial and industrial renewable energy saving solutions and water harvesting and recycling solutions. The company is owner operated and provides high quality products and services to customers on a national basis. It offers a holistic approach across a wide spectrum of disciplines providing turn key solutions in house on all projects undertaken.
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On a cold winter’s day evening while driving  back home, your car will tell your heating and air-conditioning system at home that you are 5 minutes away and that it should start preparing a comfortable and relaxing temperature inside the house.By the time you get home your house will be requested to switch on the outside boundary wall lights /and to open the front gate, but only if it is safe for you to enter. While you are driving in, the gate behind you will close and you will conveniently drive into an open garage.Without the single press of a button, your home will welcome you with a pleasant display of light and a comfortable room temperature while playing soft background music exactly the way you like it.
Liquid Heat
Liquid Heat Liquid Heat is an accredited importer, distributor and installer of Heat Pumps for energy efficient heating solutions. This all housed under one roof facilitating a single point solution, and ease of transaction for the client.
Hudu Solar
Hudu Solar With a desire to provide a product which is in harmony with the environment and sustainable, and Innovation as a core value, Hudu brings you cutting-edge Solar Energy solutions. Whether it is Solar Water Heating, Solar Energy or Solar Under Floor Heaing you are seeking, our design team has the solution for you. No need to compromise design aesthetics anymore. Product quality is assured through extensive research, manufacturing and unsurpassed quality standards. Exacting international standards are adhered to such as ISO 9001:200, CE, ISO 14000, TUV and SABS. Our nationwide distribution network will provide you with quality service and backup. We assure you of our best attentions at all times!
Agama Energy
Agama Energy AGAMA Energy is an engineering-based consulting business working in the renewable energy sector. Strategic focus areas include green buildings and sustainable developments, energy management services, carbon related projects, bioenergy project development and implementation (mainly biogas), and the marketing and sale of green power certificates.
Electronic Architects
Electronic Architects Electronic architects provide Intergrated Intelligent Homes.