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TAL Rapidfix is a single-component high-performance Patching and Repair compound manufactured from rapid-setting shrinkage-compensated cement and selected aggregates specially designed for repairing of deteriorated concrete and mortar surfaces as well as patching holes in floor and wall surfaces.It is a multi-purpose system designed to withstand heavy loading and trafficking in both industrial and domestic installations.TAL Rapidfix can be applied to fill holes prior to installing floor coverings, underlayments or screeds, or can be left exposed in both high traffic industrial applications, ie factories, and in domestic applications.Maximum individual application area - 1m².TAL Screedbinder must replace the water in the TAL Rapidfix mix for all exterior and/or ‘wet’ applications (showers, etc), where possible ingress of water and/or building movement is expected, and for heavy traffic areas.

Binnington Copeland & Associates
Binnington Copeland & Associates Binnington copeland & associates is a group of construction professionals, which includes professional engineers, quantity surveyors and building specialists who provide training and commercial and contractual services to the construction industry from local offices in johannesburg and cape town and, internationally, from Botswana and France.
Design Acro
Design Acro Architectural company offering full architectural services and project management in the Eastern Cape, leader of quality architectural design of the highest standards appropriate for the South African context and culture, developing globally respected and sound business solutions.
Southern Africa Readymix Association (SARMA)
Southern Africa Readymix Association (SARMA) SARMA is a voluntary industry organisation that represents manufacturers, suppliers and stakeholders in the readymix concrete industry. The association plays an active role in providing regulatory frameworks for the manufacture of concrete of an acceptable standard. It actively engages government and other industry bodies to highlight the benefits of readymix concrete and promote its use in a sustainable manner. Accreditation of members is done via adherence to world-class safety, health and environmental standards and is maintained through annual audits.
Verni – Speciality Construction Products
Verni – Speciality Construction Products Specialises in acid proofing and corrosion protection of concrete, epoxy and polyurethane floor coatings, resin screeds, concrete repair and structural carbon fibre reinforcing, expansion joint bandaging and sealing.
The Pekay Group (Pty) Ltd – Incorporating Jayco Sealants
The Pekay Group (Pty) Ltd – Incorporating Jayco Sealants The South African based PEKAY Group of Companies are well known manufacturers of high quality adhesives, sealants, epoxies, waterproofing compounds, torchons, waterstops and related chemical compounds for the flooring, building, construction and other related general industries.