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TAL has introduced its water-based epoxy grout, an innovative product that offers excellent chemical, acid and stain resistant properties. “This is the first water-based system in the local market. It has been formulated specifically for ease of application and clean-up,” says Gela Ohl, marketing manager for TAL.

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LuminTech comprises a variety of different luminescent particles that are applied to the surface and incorporated into the concrete skin. During the day, the particles absorb UV radiation and then, after dark, the particles illuminate selected areas of a building.

keyboard_arrow_upTile directly onto existing tiles with Renovate
keyboard_arrow_downTile directly onto existing tiles with Renovate

The newest product from Saint-Gobain Weber is Renovate, a tile adhesive with a distinct set of benefits, one of which allows renovators to tile directly onto existing substrates without priming – a first for South Africa. This innovative product boasts a distinct set of benefits including quick setting (in only six hours!), waterproofing and tiling directly […]

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MGP168 is a two?part hybrid polyurea, elastomeric joint filler. It is used to fill and protect joints in industrial concrete floors subjected to heavy hard?wheeled vehicles. It is also ideal for spalled joint repair, random joint filling and patching, etc. Unique properties of this elastomer are its rapid cure time and its insensitivity to moisture.

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DuPont™ Basic Surfaces is a decorative material containing a blend of polyester resins with a mineral filler. The versatile solid and non-solid aesthetics are suitable for residential and commercial segments. Applications may vary, ranging from kitchen countertops to interior design accessories, and from receptions desks to interior wall cladding. DuPont™ Basic Surfaces is produced by a continuous casting process, assuring elevated quality standards. It is supplied in 12 mm thick sheets with the following dimensions: 3658L x 760W. DuPont™ Basic Surfaces is: non-porous, hygienic, renewable and repairable...

keyboard_arrow_upCleaners & Sealers: TAL Grout Sealer
keyboard_arrow_downCleaners & Sealers: TAL Grout Sealer

TAL GROUT SEALER was specially designed to seal cementitious grout joints, both in the ‘green’ and cured states, in interior and exterior installations. Unsealed cementitious grout tends to be porous and may easily show signs of dirt and discolouration/staining from everyday use and cleaning. The residual film on glazed tiles dries clear and does not discolour. It can also be used for sealing of natural stone tiles. In this instance it is best suited for small area applications.

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TAL STAIN FREE GROUT is specially designed to drastically reduce the staining of highly porous tiles such as sandstone, slate and marble. This overcomes the “picture frame” effect encountered with conventional grouts. TAL STAIN FREE GROUT is available in light grey and is suitable for filling wall and floor joints between 3 - 12mm wide.

UFCC UFCC (United Fibre Cement Company) is the exclusive importer of cellulose fibre cement in Africa and has been supplying high quality materials to building industries in South Africa and the rest of Africa since 2005.
Sanika Sanika Waterproofing has been firmly entrenched in the roofing and waterproofing industry since 1987. During this time, we have been instrumental in developing and manufacturing of unique, high quality roofing and waterproofing systems. These include patented roofing systems, a custom developed sheet locking system and numerous waterproofing membranes and compounds. Today as the exclusive distributor of Kryton Crystalline Waterproofing Products in the Southern African region, Sanika further cements its position as Africa's leading waterproofing company. Kryton is the leading
Binnington Copeland & Associates
Binnington Copeland & Associates Binnington copeland & associates is a group of construction professionals, which includes professional engineers, quantity surveyors and building specialists who provide training and commercial and contractual services to the construction industry from local offices in johannesburg and cape town and, internationally, from Botswana and France.
Paving Pro
Paving Pro
a.b.e Construction Chemicals (Pty) Ltd
a.b.e Construction Chemicals (Pty) Ltd a.b.e.® Construction Chemicals was founded in 1932 but started operations in 1939 in Durban as a supplier of bitumen to municipalities in KwaZulu-Natal. a.b.e.® has over the years grown in both size and diversity to become a major supplier of specialised construction products to the building, civil engineering and building maintenance industries, supplying products directly to customers through its branch network as well as through builders’ merchants and hardware stores.a.b.e.® has manufacturing plants in Johannesburg (Boksburg) and Durban (Isipingo). Supported by a network of branches and distributors throughout South Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands, a.b.e.® is ideally positioned to service its customer
A Bezuidenhout Construction (Pty) Ltd
A Bezuidenhout Construction (Pty) Ltd A Bezuidenhout Construction are civil engineering consultants.
Resocrete Resocrete products are fabricated from a range of specialized resin composites which once moulded, produce a product which is both durable and versatile, and can be cast into almost endless shapes and forms to meet the most diverse of design needs. Made from primarily waste products, recycled materials, by product materials and natural stone, resocrete compounds attain a 98% green build rating whilst retaining superior compressive strength, flexural strength, acoustic damping properties, as well as outstanding thermal blanketing.
Design Acro
Design Acro Architectural company offering full architectural services and project management in the Eastern Cape, leader of quality architectural design of the highest standards appropriate for the South African context and culture, developing globally respected and sound business solutions.
Spectrum Building Supplies
Spectrum Building Supplies Spectrum Building Supplies has been in the building materials business since 1998.
Maik’s Hardware
Maik’s Hardware
Floor Shield Systems
Floor Shield Systems Floor Shield is a leading South African specialist contracting company that installs high-performance epoxy floors, epoxy flooring and industrial flooring, epoxy screeds and stone carpet for all industrial and commercial environments. The core focus of the company is the installation of floor finishes in the Industrial, Commercial, Pharmaceutical and Food and Beverage producing environments.
Vuka Floors
Vuka Floors
X-Quisite Floors
X-Quisite Floors Since its inception,X-Quisite Floors has established itself in the South African Market as a leading supplier of flooring products. Our Sales Team has a vast knowledge of the industry including design consultation and with their years of experience in the market are fully trained to assist you with choosing various finishes, ranges and colours to suit your taste and budget, giving you peace of mind.
Kuweza Procurment for builder in Africa
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TAL is a leader in tile and construction adhesives with a track record of more than 40 years in South Africa. TAL specialises in tiling installation materials, tiling tools, construction solutions and is renowned for the quality of its products…

Deranco Blocks (Pty) Ltd
Deranco Blocks (Pty) Ltd Manufacturers & Suppliers of Quality Concrete Masonry - Incredible variety of colours & products Suppliers of Classic Cobblestone, Hexagon, Terracrete, Interlocking, Beveled, Uni-Decor paving bricks Suppliers & Manufacturers of quality precast concrete products, including Ultralight Rib & Block flooring systems & Echo Stairs