Above-ground Drainage

Stainless Steel Floor Drains

keyboard_arrow_upSeaqual DrainMate – Round Hole Grate
keyboard_arrow_downSeaqual DrainMate – Round Hole Grate

A complete 40mm side outlet wet floor drain with 75mm water trap & 316-grade stainless steel grate with round shaped hole configuration.For use in showers, kitchens, laundries & any other wet floor area which does not require waterproofing.

Herbish Drainage Systems
keyboard_arrow_upIntroduces Technodrain
Herbish Drainage Systems
keyboard_arrow_downIntroduces Technodrain

The introduction of the High Density Polyethylene range allows Herbish® to compete in a sector where stainless steel linear drains were, historically, too extravagant and expensive for the  application

EuroDrain Technology / KESSEL
keyboard_arrow_upATT Inox Drain® Product Catalogue
EuroDrain Technology / KESSEL
keyboard_arrow_downATT Inox Drain® Product Catalogue

This is a catalogue relating to stainless steel draining systems available in South Africa from Eurodrain technology.

Integrated Flooring Systems
Integrated Flooring Systems We specialise in the supply of trims and finishes for walls and floors in Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass, Galvanised steel and PVC to the Flooring and Construction industry country wide. Our range includes imported products namely the Genesis tile trim range and Migua expansion joints , We carry large volumes of locally produced profiles including the Mtrim range and all others available on the market. Plasterbeads, Stairnosings, Movement joints, Corner protectors, Transition trims, Listello trims, Custom made profiles bent from sheet, laser cutting and perforating/punching. Tiling tools and accessories, We also supply and install all makes of walk-off matting/ logo matting. With 20 years of experience, we can help you.
Bella Bathrooms
Bella Bathrooms Bella Bathrooms and Tiles is filled with the best of international and local ranges of bathroom ware and tiles! Bella Bathrooms specializes in dealing with Architects, Developers & Interior Designers. With over 10,000 products to choose from we are able to specify the desired look & feel in budget every time.
Afscan cc
Afscan cc Afscan is the sole agent for PURUS AB in southern Africa. Afscan has been operating in the South African market since 2002. AB Sjobo Bruk (today PURUS AB) was founded more than one hundred years ago. The Purus Group is privately owned by Mr Spanberg. Today, PURUS AB is one of the leading suppliers of plumbing products. PURUS NOOD trap system is one of the first plumbing products that achieved a CE approval. It means the PURUS NOOD system is approved in all european countries.
Herbish Drainage Systems
Herbish Drainage Systems logo
We supply SS floor drains, channels, grease traps, etc. to the food, beverage, dairy, mining and hotel industries. Over and above our standard products we also manufacture special floor coverings and shower traps to suit client requirements. Other products include stainless steel channels, stainless steel rodding eye covers and custom-made stainless steel products.
Rofo Engineering cc
Rofo Engineering cc Rofo Engineering products are made of the highest quality stainless steel for protection against acid corrosion and are stain resistant. All our products are made in our factory under personal and guided supervision. Our range includes full flow floor traps, floor and strip channels, as well as grease traps, all meeting the requirements of the National Building Regulations. Our designs are specifically adapted to SA conditions and have been successfully used in a variety of applications for nearly 20 years. These applications include: abattoirs, bakeries, breweries, butcheries, dairies, hospitals, hostels, health gyms, hotels, meat & poultry processing, mortuaries, restaurants, supermarkets, wineries and non-alcoholic beverage industries.