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Chryso Southern Africa

CHRYSO South Africa manufactures, sells and distributes admixtures and cement additives that service the mining, ready-mix, precast, new construction, gypsum and cement industries.

We have a large footprint in South Africa (three manufacturing plants and 7 branches), distributors in Namibia and Botswana and a dedicated export team that gives customers exceptional service throughout Africa.

Part of a global company, CHRYSO Southern Africa has an international network of technical people that can give expert advice. ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 compliant, CHRYSO Southern Africa can give daily technical support to our customers while ensuring high levels of quality control due to the various concrete laboratories on our production sites and the excellent relationship that we have with commercial laboratories around the country. In addition to this we have academic partnerships with universities around the world as well as an international network of technical people that can give technical advice.

CHRYSO Southern Africa is one of 20 subsidiaries that are part of the CHRYSO Group that has 29 industrial sites and a presence in over 70 countries. We have a deep understanding of each local market’s technical and commercial requirements and focus on meeting our customer’s needs.

Brochures / Datasheets

CHRYSO® AMA 100 EL Technology

CHRYSO®AMA 100 EL Technology is a robust and powerful activation solution that provides high levels of mechanical strength in blended cements. It allows cement manufacturers to maintain cement performance while increasing Supplementary Cementitious Materials content.

Precast precision for tunnel segments

Precast precision for tunnel segments; Tunnels for roads, highways, railways, subways and for water collection and drainage.

Tilt-Up Concrete Product Offering

Tilt-Up Concrete Product Offering CHRYSO works very closely with its customers to develop unique solutions catered to their specific needs.


CHRYSO®ICARE is a disruptive technology developed to provide extra-activation to cements manufactured from challenging process configurations and Vertical Roller Mills, specific processes where the performance of conventional strength enhancers is limited. CHRYSO®ICARE additives allow extra-compressive strengths at all ages thanks to better process interactions.

CHRYSO EasyDrain

The CHRYSO EasyDrain solution combines a specific concrete mix-design method with the use of two complementary admixtures that improves perfromance.

CHRYSO® Colour Seal

CHRYSO® Colour seal is the complete coating solution for a coloured, durable and hardened concrete surface.

CHRYSO Release, cure and finish your concrete

CHRYSO Release, cure and finish your concrete with CHRYSO®Dem range, CHRYSO®Cure range and CHRYSO®Finishing range ideal solutions.

New Concrete Flooring

CHRYSO offers complete and technically advanced solutions for finishing and decorative aesthetics in cementitious flooring. Through our technical expertise and experience, CHRYSO continually develops new and innovative products to meet the modern requirements and benefits of cementitious flooring.

FiniSafe | Concrete finishing aid

Chryso FiniSafe concrete finishing aid lubricates concrete surface for a faster, easier and better finish. Extends workability of concrete surface.

Added value for cement | Cement Additives

CHRYSO® is one of the world leaders in the development, manufacture and supply of chemical additives for concrete, cement and plaster.

Dust Roads Ecodust Range

Ecodust RangeDust road solutions from Chryso, for rising dust suppression and stabilisation at low cost application & maintenance.

CHRYSO® | Dem range

The CHRYSO®Dem mould release Range offers release agents that deliver easy demoulding of concrete during delayed or immediate demoulding on all types of moulds, whilst improving surface finish quality.

CHRYSO® | Colour range

CHRYSO® Colour range Added value for concrete. Colours C range of mineral pigments and its on-demand colour creation service.

CHRYSO® | Dem range

CHRYSO Dry-Cast Concrete gives you all the support and guidance for improving your concrete formulations and admixture best geared towards your needs.

CHRYSO® | Readymix range

CHRYSO® Readymix range Added value for concrete Solutions for shrinkage compensation, pumpable concrete, pervious concrete, mortars and plasters.

CHRYSO® | Fibre Reinforced Concrete

Chryso fibre reinforced concrete solutions for a variety of different concrete applications; flooring, tunnels, plaster, extruded concrete.

CHRYSO® | Decorative Concrete Solutions

Chryso Decorative Concrete Fashionable and versatile, concrete creates natural atmospheres. Used primarily for its mechanical properties, it is also a material of choice for its aesthetic qualities.

CHRYSO® Company Profile

Chryso Corporate Brochure and Company Profile. For all cement and concrete additives, waterproofing, flooring and other construction projects.

Solutions for Construction Jobsites

Servicing the construction industry with the most innovative technologies; adding value to our customers’ projects; participating in more responsible construction modes, internationally: that’s what CHRYSO has been doing for 70 years.

CHRYSO case study | Regents Park Bridge

At Regents Park, the site was especially dangerous for pedestrians. A key driver behind the project was to contribute to the environment by improving the safety of road users and pedestrians. This project demonstrates excellence in the use of concrete in that this form of suspension bridge utilizes the inherent strength and stiffness of the concrete bridge deck in compression to balance the suspension cable forces.

Mining Range

The CHRYSO mining range – designing concrete to meet specified performance requirements of the mine. Added value for mining.

Quad Admixture Solutions

The CHRYSO Quad range is an admixture solution for use in challenging sands. Enhances admixture dosage rate increases workability.

LuminTech Glow in the dark concrete

LuminTech is a glow in the dark concrete that comprises of a variety of different luminescent particles that are applied into the concrete skin.

  • PWC Tower
  • Themba Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Cradlestone Mall
  • Steyn City
  • 92 on Rivonia
  • Discovery Head Office
  • Liquified Gas Handling Facility Saldanha
  • Medupi
  • Kusile
  • Bedford Windfarm
  • Sasol Head Office
  • Mount Edgecomb Interchange
  • BRT
  • Mall of the South
  • Gonubie Interchange
  • Metolong Dam
  • Coega Windfarm
  • Coega
  • Alice Lane
  • Soccer City
  • GFIP
  • Nelson Mandela Stadium
  • Gautrain
  • Impala Shaft #16
CHRYSO South Africa

26 Malcolm Moodie Crescent, Jet Park
South Africa

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