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WHAT IS CRETESTAIN? Cretestain is an acid-based mixture containing special chemicals which reacts with the OPC in cement/concrete and permanently colours the surface. Benefits

  • Easy application with brush, roller, sponge or spray canister
  • Stains any OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) based surface permanently
  • Economical application which cannot peel or flake
  • Produces and enhances mottling
  • For use on floors, walls and counters
  • Suitable for interior and exterior use (however Blue is not UV stable and may fade if used exteriorly)
  • CreteStain can be diluted with water if lighter shading is required



Suitable Surfaces Any OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) based surface Newly placed concrete must be cured for at least 14 days prior to application
Finish Does not change the finish of a surface, only stains it. Will, however, enhance mottling
Thickness Adds no thickness to the surface
Application Brush-on, roll-on, sponge-on, spray-on
Packaging 125ml, 1 litre and 25-litre containers
Coverage Approximately 8m²/litre/coat
Curing All reacted residue must be removed by flushing thoroughly with water after a minimum of 4 hours
Colour/s Available in 10 colours

Intended for use with Colour Hardener Sealer – 1 litre, 5 litres & 25 litre – 6m² per litre per coat Tools needed Brush or roller or sponge or nylon broom/brush or spray canister Supporting Cemcrete Products CreteCare Mop & Shine CreteCare Polish CreteCare Floor Polish Stripper

Q: Can I apply CreteStain myself? A: Cemcrete products are not DIY, however, CreteStain is an easier application and you can attempt to apply it yourself. Try a sample area first, before attempting larger areas. We always recommend using a trained contractor to do the application, but if you need more information regarding the application of a Cemcrete product, please download the product datasheets from the products page on our website. Q: Do you have to seal a CreteStain floor? A: Yes. Cement by nature is porous and applying a sealer ensures that your cement floor is protected from any spills or normal wear and tear.  Q: Can I stain my existing paving? A: If the main ingredient of your paving bricks is cement/concrete as CreteStain must be in contact with cement or concrete to be effective. CreteStain does not react with clay bricks unless over-coated with a cement plaster. Q: How many layers of CreteStain can I apply? A: You can apply as many coats of CreteStain as you want until the desired colour is achieved, remembering to remove the residue in between coats.  Q: Does CreteStain change the texture of the surface applied to? A: No, CreteStain only colours the surface. However, the sealer applied after you apply CreteStain could affect the sheen of your surface. Q: Can I apply CreteStain onto wood or rhinolite?  A: No, CreteStain can only stain any OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement) based surface permanently. Q: Can I use CreteStain on my Colour Hardener floor?  A: Yes, before sealing you can apply CreteStain over your fully cured Colour Hardener floor. 

CreteStain | Floor Finish | Acid-based cement / concrete stain

An acid-based mixture containing special chemicals which reacts with the OPC in cement/concrete and permanently colours the surface.

CreteStain Datasheet | Acid-Based Mixture

An acid-based mixture containing special chemicals which reacts with the cement/concrete to colour the surface.

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