Pool Coatings and Finishes

A scientifically formulated mixture of white cement, white marble and special additives. It is supplied in dry powder form for mixing on-site with clean water.

A two-pack cement-based coating which can be applied easily and quickly using a paint brush. Having a base of white Portland cement it sets rock hard, performs well underwater and can be repeatedly scrubbed if necessary.

BeadCrete is a factory-blended ready to use aggregate render for use on reinforced concrete pool interiors. BeadCrete produces a significantly superior aesthetic appearance. The finish is not coarse for low risk of skin abrasions and is easily applied on new or renovated pool interiors by competent tradespersons.

Pool Crack Filler
A heavily fibre-reinforced flexible paste which, after being allowed to dry, remains flexible under water.

Pool Patching
A quick-setting compound having a base of white ce­ment and white marble, specially formulated to enable it to be taken underwater without disintegrating and later become rock hard.

Pool Sealer
An inexpensive sealer for treating leaking pools where seepage is through general porosity or thinness of the plaster. Pool Sealer will not seal plumbing leaks or structural cracks.

  • Comes in an extensive colour range
  • Can be used on new or renovated pools
  • Produces a smooth coat for low risk of skin abrasion
  • Durable
  • PoolCrete, being a coloured marble pool plaster, eliminates the need for painting.
  • Waterproof
  • Can be used for custom design, forming around any shape.


Apply 6mm of Cemcrete PoolCrete to clean, hard, rough cement surfaces and fill pool with water the next day. All in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Pool Coating

Pool Coating is intended to revitalise the surface as an alternative to re-plastering. It must be noted that Pool Coating is a once-off application. Should the surface become unacceptable over time, the pool will have to be replastered. Refer to the PoolCrete data sheet.


BeadCrete’s main purpose is for the application onto concrete pool shell interiors. It is engineered from silica-free pure glass beads, blended aggregates and polymer modified cement technology that produces excellent durability and minimal maintenance of the finished product under normal in-service pool conditions.

Pool Crack Filler

The pool to be emptied and all cracks to be hacked open and filled with Cemcrete’s Pool Crack Filler. All in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

Pool Patching

Recommended for the patching of marble pool plaster where damage to the pool plaster in small areas has occurred.

Q: How much does a bag of PoolCrete cost?

A: PoolCrete comes in a 40kg bag, and its cost varies according to the colour you select.

Q: Can my builder apply it?

A: One does need a certain level of skill to apply this product, it is recommended that you get a competent tradesperson to apply this product for you to ensure it looks good and lasts longer. Correct application is vital.

Q: My pool has white patches, why?

A: Check the pH of the water in your swimming pool. The white patches are formed because there is a collection of calcium on the surface. Cemcrete’s Pool Start-up Guide can be referred to when filling your newly cured PoolCrete pool.

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