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Cemcrete – a unique flooring alternative

Stone finish Colour Hardener for floors by Cemcrete

Cemcrete Colour Hardener in Stone

Let’s face it – with all the flooring options out there even the most skilled flooring professionals sometimes feel overwhelmed. So what should you choose? By nature, people strive for floors that are out of the ordinary, not mass produced and that will be adaptable to their everyday lives. It is for these exact reasons that Cemcrete is the obvious choice as the unique alternative.

Cemcrete currently offers two main floor finishes – limiting confusion when decided what to use in your space.

The first option is Colour Hardener, a dry-shake powder that floats into your freshly laid screed.

Cemcrete CreteCote in Sand Dollar finished this floor

CreteCote was used to finish this floor in Sand Dollar

Benefits of Colour Hardener:

  • Can be used for interior & exterior floors
  • Suitable for domestic or commercial projects
  • Colours concrete to a depth of 2-3mm – No risk of colour being rubbed off or abraded
  • Extremely durable (but is dependent on screed mix and curing)
  • Can be used in conjunction with Cemcrete’s SuperScreed (10-20mm) where there are height restrictions
  • Can be imprinted with patterns

Did you know that you can get creative and add some extra character to your floor finish by incorporating a tile, wood, aluminium strip, brick or pebble inlay? Alternatively, you could just have a standard cut line that will look like a giant tile.

The second flooring option is CreteCote, a 1,6mm cement-based skim-on coating, perfect for renovations.

Cemcrete CreteCote in White as an unusual bedroom floor

CreteCote in white for a dazzling floor

Benefits of CreteCote:

  • Thin skim-on coating
  • Interior use only
  • Application with a steel trowel
  • Versatile application – can be used to coat counters & vanities
  • Reaches a compressive strength of 35MPa after 28 days (this is solely dependent on the screed)

Did you know that CreteCote is a micro coating and was created to provide the look and feel of concrete, but at a fraction of the cost and weight of real concrete.

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