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Cemcrete - the green characteristics of cement finishes

Decorative cement-based finishes are the perfect example of a synergy between beauty, sustainability and economy. Cement-based finishes from Cemcrete fulfil the requirements of sustainable construction and offer meaningful green credentials.

CreteCote Grey and PoolCrete Silver Grey by Cemcrete

What is green design?

It’s no secret that green building and design has become an integral part of creating a desired space. Homeowners and builders are discovering how easy it is to benefit from sustainable construction without compromising aesthetics or breaking the bank. Green design is not only less harmful to our environment but has also proven its worth in the sense of longevity – low maintenance finishes are now more readily available at lower costs without reducing quality and have proved that they can withstand the extremes of the South African climate. The question is not “what is green design”, but rather “why not green design”?

Why use cement to go green?

One of the most widely used finishes the design and architecture industry has seen is, without doubt, cement, which is no surprise considering its durability and strength. Cement has the longest lifespan of any traditional building material; structures have been created that have lasted more than 2 000 years, making it a crucial building element with tremendous longevity.

Cement-based finishes offer strength, durability and longevity that can outlive alternative finishes. Cemcrete is one of the leading manufacturers of cement-based decorative coatings and is proudly manufactured in South Africa, which prevents more carbon emissions being expelled during unnecessary transportation.

How is cement green?

When you demolish a cement structure, the resultant pieces can be ground down to a powder form to create re-useable raw cement in its primary state. Smaller pieces can also be reused in various residential construction products. Cemcrete’s PolishCrete and Countertop mix can even incorporate small recycled aggregates to achieve a distinct and unique finish.

Cemcrete Colour Hardener used on white floors

Is Cemcrete green and easy to clean?

Maintenance is a huge factor in deciding what finish to use – not only do we look for a finish that is low maintenance but also environmentally friendly and safe to use in our households. Many products offer low maintenance but then need harmful chemicals to keep them looking fresh and new. Cemcrete’s finishes are non-hazardous and have a 0% VOC (volatile organic compounds) level. Cemcrete finishes also improve indoor air quality as they do not harbour allergens and bacteria in comparison to other finishes such as carpeting, wood and stone finishes.

Once installed and finished off with the correct sealer, your new cement-based finish is very easy to clean and maintain, only requiring occasional damp mopping. That means that you will not have to use a variety of soaps or harsh chemical cleaners. Cemcrete also offer a CreteCare range of maintenance products, making caring for your finish that much easier.

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