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Cemcrete on the top four design trends for 2017

Ranging from raw to rustic, everyone has their own taste and personal flair. In this day and age, it can be difficult to find a product that can achieve and appeal to various styles. Cemcrete offers a wide range of distinct cement-based coatings perfect for your floors, walls, countertops and pools. The beauty of Cemcrete’s products is that they are adaptable to a multitude of styles. Cemcrete shares the top four design trends for 2017.

The Easy Living trend uses mostly white on white finishes

The first trend is Easy Living – a gentle and relaxed look using mostly white on white finishes with accents of wood and other raw materials such as concrete flooring. “Light tones, and specifically shades of white on white, are the order of the day, with accents of natural timber giving a unique and fresh identity to this style. Other materials are incorporated into this theme, such as concrete and metallic,” explains Dave Nemeth, South African trend forecaster.

The second trend is Debonair – an important feature of this trend is truth to materials, which continues from previous directions we have seen in recent years in the industrial trend. The execution is now more refined than its industrial counterpart, making it less rough, giving it a polished aesthetic. Refined timber surfaces are key and replace the rough reclaimed timber surfaces popularised over the past few years. This look has been described as somewhat minimalistic, making use of elements that are found in nature and combining them with the industrial style.

The Debonair design trend is minimalistic and makes use of natural elements

The third trend is Earth Child – a warm, rustic trend that is the epitome of South African lifestyle. Dave Nemeth explains the trend as follows – Earth Child is a celebration of earthy and ethnic tones so relevant to Africa, due to our bold light. We have a unique design style evolving in South Africa, which is now sought after and even replicated worldwide. This style of design relies heavily on texture, as well as the layering of elements, just as you would find in fashion. It is not traditionally ethnic (for example, animal and tribal prints), but rather expressed through colour.”

The Earth Child design trend is a celebration of earthy and ethnic tones so relevant to Africa

The fourth and final trend is Edenesque – this trend is an exploration of the combining of outside and internal spaces. Plants form the basis of this theme, whereby interior spaces are reimagined with large atriums or “living walls”. We have recently seen a host of stylised jungle themes and leaf prints emerging on fabrics and images. The Edenesque trend is part influenced by the Pantone colour of the year 2017 – Greenery.

In celebration of the Edenesque trend, Cemcrete introduces you to Ever Green, an invigorating new colour in its most popular wall finish – SatinCrete. It is a thin skim-on, cement-based decorative plaster that creates a smooth, coloured finish for interior use only. For the below space they used SatinCrete in this new, limited edition colour. In this space the new SatinCrete colour was even further enhanced by staining it with Cemcrete’s CreteStain in the colour Copper and sealed with Cemcrete’s Colour Hardener Sealer.

Plants form the basis of the Edenesque design trend

Trends will come and go, but Cemcrete’s finishes are a true neutral canvas when creating your final masterpiece of styling. For more information on our products, visit www.cemcrete.co.za or visit one of the showrooms for a guided and insightful tour.

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