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CemCote Skimmed – The latest from Cemcrete

We recently saw the launch of an exciting new product added to the Cemcrete range – CemCote Skimmed. This product is a skim-on coating (as the name implies) that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely versatile. Let’s look at some of the many ways that CemCote Skimmed can be used.

Bathroom walls & basins:

CemCote Skimmed skim-on coating applied in bathroom

We know – this bathroom is pretty much a dream come true! For this project, CemCote Skimmed was applied on the bathroom walls, throughout the shower area and even coated inside the vanity, basins and surrounds.

Feature walls:

Plaster with brick pattern achieved using CemCote Skimmed

The possibilities of this finish are truly endless. For this project, a brick-like pattern was first carved into the plaster, and once dried, coated with CemCote Skimmed. This technique could also be used to create the ever so popular, off-shutter effect as well.

Feature concrete ceilings:

CemCote Skimmed used to create a concrete feature ceiling

We’re seeing a movement towards creating concrete feature ceilings. People are no longer satisfied with mundane white ceiling boards and creating a feature out of their ceilings, or even create a wrap effect from wall to ceiling.

Lightweight concrete doors:

CemCote Skimmed used to coat a wooden door for an industrial effect

So we’ve shown you how you can use CemCote Skimmed in bathrooms, basins and ceilings, but would you believe us if we told you that this product can even be used to coat wooden doors? Check out how CemCote Skimmed was used on these wooden sliding barn doors at Cemcrete’s Parktown North showroom.

CemCote Skimmed offers you the aesthetics, versatility and the durability of cement all in one.

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