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Car parking solutions for car showroom floors and storage

The Hydro-Park 1127 and 1123 are the most popular models. The two solutions provide a simple and cost-effective way to create two independent parking spaces one above the other. The operation is easily maintained using a key switch panel on the control. This solution is perfect for valet parking, car showroom floors, car storage or long-term parking at airports.

With a lifting capacity between 2300 and 2700kgs and an adjustable height, this solution is perfect for the garage or underground storage spaces. Excellent design, materials, production and components decrease the maintenance work on these units. They also comply with all European standards and there are various safety devices implemented in these units.

hydro parking system with two car set up


  1. Low usage cost – When the platform moves down, it will be driven by gravity, so there is no electricity consumption for the hydraulic power pack.
  2. Fast and easy installation – With professional design and a friendly package, it becomes simple on installation. What’s more, a detailed installation manual, drawing and video attached with products will help customers have easier installation work.
  3. Sharing post feature – The posts could be shared when they are installed side by side, which can save cost, land space, and container space.
  4. Professional packing & delivery – We have very professional packaging and logistic people to ensure our customers will get the product damage free, simple load & unload in time.
  5. Hydraulic driving mode – Thanks to the hydraulic driving mode, our lift could have a faster lifting speed. Even though there is a power failure, the upper car still can be retrieved by manually operating the solenoid valve.
  6. Dynamic locking device – Offering the safest parking machine in the market, the equipment is built under the CE standard and there are more than 10 safety features to ensure our clients will always get protection. Especially, there is a range of locking tabs on the posts to protect cars from accident damage.
  7. Stronger structure – Hydro-Park 1127 enforced the critical parts that carry the weight makes the equipment extra strong.

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