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Seaqual BalconyDrain Complete: Technical Data Sheet

A complete floor drain for all outdoor applications. Includes a 75mm horizontal pipe connection, a large waterproofing flange and a square hole, satin finish 316 grade stainless steel grate. This drain can be installed in all outdoor wet floor applications such as on balconies, in courtyards and on patios.

Seaqual BalconyDrain 2nd Fix Packs: Technical Data Sheet

The BalconyDrain 2nd Fix Pack is installed during the “finishing” phase of construction. It comprises an M-sert that houses the grate. The Dust Cover protects the 2nd Fix from blockages & damages during construction. There are 2 grates to choose from. This product needs to be specified together with a WetFloor/BalconyDrain 1st fix in order to make up a complete drainage unit.

Seaqual BalconyDrain 1st Fix Packs: Technical Data Sheet

BalconyDrain 1st Fix Packs are the 1st half of a floor drain used for all outdoor applications where a waterproofing membrane has been specified. The 1st Fix comprises a housing device called an F-box which connects to a standard plumbing pipe of either 50mm or 75mm. It is available with both horizontal & vertical outlets. It also comprises a large waterproofing Flange and comes with a Dust Cover for protection during construction.

Seaqual HyDrains: Technical Data Sheet

HyDrain’s components, main seal, protection cover, dome and flange – technical information.

Seaquals RainDrain - Nylon

RainDrain – Nylon: a catchpit that blends into the surrounding paving. RainDrain – Lite: suitable for pedestrian traffic. Impact resistant polypropylene is UV stabilised and perfect for use under down pipes, in atriums, courtyards etc.

Seaqual WetFloor Drain

Floor drain suitable for use in showers, bathrooms and kitchens. WetFloor Drain is sold in two parts called: First Fix Pack and Second Fix Pack or as a compact all-in-one drainage system called WetFloor 304.

Seaqual Grate & Waste

Suitable for showers and balconies where no waterproofing of floor slab is required. Used with standard P-trap for internal floor drains or with 90° bend on balconies. Grate available in white ABS, chrome or stainless steel…

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