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TAL MARBLEFIX is a light-coloured rapid-setting high-strength shrinkage-compensated cement-based adhesive specifically designed for fixing white or light-coloured marble and travertine tiles and mosaics. TAL MARBLEFIX can also be used for fixing ceramic, porcelain, granite and light-coloured natural stone tiles to walls and floors. The adhesive was designed for easy use, allowing a 1 1/2 hour pot life.


TAL MARBLEFIX is a light-coloured rapid-setting high-strength shrinkage-compensated cement-based adhesive specifically designed for fixing white or light-coloured marble and travertine tiles and mosaics. TAL MARBLEFIX can also be used for fixing ceramic, porcelain, granite and light-coloured natural stone tiles to walls and floors. The adhesive was designed for easy use, allowing a 1½ hour pot life.


TAL MOSAICFIX is a quick-setting high-strength cement-based powder adhesive designed for fixing ceramic, porcelain and natural stone mosaics onto walls and floors. It can also be used as a grouting or pre-grouting of mosaics. The adhesive was designed for easy use, allowing up to 2 hours Pot Life after mixing.

Goldstar 12

TAL GOLDSTAR 12 is a grey quick-setting high-strength cement-based adhesive for fixing porcelain, granite, dark-coloured marble and natural stone, ceramic, clay and terrazzo tiles to walls and floors. The adhesive was designed for easy use, allowing a 4 hour pot life.

Goldstar 6

TAL GOLDSTAR 6 is a grey rapid-setting high-strength shrinkage-compensated cement based adhesive for fixing ceramic, porcelain, granite, dark-coloured marble and natural stone tiles to walls and floors. The adhesive was designed for easy use, allowing a 1½ hour pot life.

Goldstar 2

AL GOLDSTAR 2 is a grey ultra-fast setting high-strength shrinkage-compensated cement based adhesive for fixing ceramic, porcelain, granite, dark-coloured marble and natural stone tiles to walls and floors. TAL GOLDSTAR 2 is ideal for remedial work and tiling in doorways and passages, where access is required soon after tiling.

Rufflette | Cording Set Assembly Guide

Rufflette cording set assembly guide.

Turnstar | Product Brochure

Products manufactured by Turnstar include a full range of turnstiles, speedgates, revolving doors, man-trap cubicles, vehicle barriers, high security spike barriers and anti-terror rising bollards & road blockers.

Generic Specification Chart

TAL’s Wall and floor tiling generic specification chart.

TAL Stix

TAL STIX is a grey general-purpose cement based powder adhesive for fixing ceramic wall and floor tiles in interior and exterior installations, and was developed for the DIY market. The adhesive was designed for easy use, allowing up to 3 hours pot life after mixing.

abe® Project | Two Oceans Aquarium Tanks Waterproofing

Install new waterproofing to all the horizontal and vertical areas around the 21-year-old tanks. Roof slabs, external tank walls, damp proof courses, door thresholds, and other ancillary areas. The areas were then primed with bitu.®prime, followed by a 4mm layer of Index Fidia P and 4mm layer of Index Testudo to the flat areas. The plinth and ramp areas were given an additional third layer for maximum protection. The 3 ply Malthoid was then applied as a protective layer prior to the sand and concrete paver slab installations. bitu.®prime is a bituminous sealer and primer for torch applied membranes. Index Fidia P membrane is manufactured from a compound of distilled bitumen and polymers, while Index Testudo is a high mechanical resistance, reinforced elasto-plastomeric polymer waterproofing membrane.

abe® Project | Alice Lane Phase III Glazing and Weather Sealing

Structural glazing and weather sealing of a new building for Bowmans in the heart of the Sandton business district. The more than 70 000 linear meter of joints were sealed with Dow Corning 993, Structural Glazing Sealant which is a two-component, neutral curing silicone formulation specifically developed for the structural bonding of glass, metal and other building components. All joints were then sealed with Dow Corning 813C, which is a a one part, neutral curing, low modulus silicone sealant particularly suitable for interior and exterior applications, such as external weather seals, expansion joints and perimetral joints in buildings and other types of construction.

abe® VIP Germany Project | Sum Wing for a deep sea Trawler - Nederland

PU Nederland got the order as new preferred applicator for VIP to coat a SumWing for a deep sea trawler. To save time and money the customer choose QuickSpray Industrial LSE, a 100% pure Polyurea 2-K Coating based on Prepolymer and Polyamine technology with very good non stick properties and a low surface energy.

abe® VIP Germany Project | Water & Power Project - Qatar

Ras Girtas Water & Power Projects required a WRAS Certified, fast curing surface coating system with high mechanical abrasion resistance, no VOC contents, no cracking and stable features for their newly constructed potable water tanks at the desalination plant at Ras Laffan.  Application with 1:1 heated, high-pressure, plural component equipment (Graco XP-2). Pressure of time for fast completion and cost advantages favoured QuickSpray Supreme W (aromatic), a WRAS Certified, 100% Polyurea 2-part Coating-System derived from a reaction of Isocyanate and Amine terminated resin.

abe® VIP Germany | Coating Deep Freeze Transtport Boxes for Overath - Lohmar

An internationally renowned Maker of Transport Boxes was searching for a system, to make foamboxes more resilliant longterm and to make them suitable for deep freeze storage. For this reason our applicator Rüdiger Schmidt advocated QuickSpray Industrial W, a 100% pure 2K Polyurea Hotspray System, with WRAS drinking wate certificate, to coat the finished boxes.

abe® VIP Germany | Chalktank at Power Plant - Germany

The Vattenfall Europe Generation AG was searching for a new system for sealing and coating tanks on the inside with a high degree of abrasion resistance against the abrasive mixture of chalk and water. On an already coated tank, where the old coating partly became delaminated, the choose to have an area of 40 m² freshly coated to evaluate the new Quickspray Industrial LSE (aromatic). RIW as preferred Applicator was available at short notice to do the repair even in harsh winter conditions. To save time and money the customer choose QuickSpray Industrial LSE (Non stick version with low surface energy), a 100% Polyurea 2-K Hot Spray Coating based on Prepolymer and Polyamine technology.

abe® Project | Kruisfontein WWTW | Waterstop |

Upgrading of Kruisfontein Waste Water Treatment Works. dura. joint SW-R (swellable waterstop rubber) is a Hydrophilic Butyl rubber waterstop manufactured into high performance synthetic elastomer strips. Ideal for sealing of prefabricated concrete element e.g. joints in tunnels and shafts and may also be used for open joints. dura. joint SW-R are made from new generation expanding rubber sealing material that can handle expansion up to 400% and is stable during the swelling process. dura. joint External E PVC are placed on blinding layers prior to casting footing.

abe® Project | Vredenburg WWTW | Waterstops

The dura.®joint waterstop range is extruded from specially formulated PVC material, which whilst flexible is easily welded on site to provide the primary seal in the waterproofing of water retaining and/or water excluding structures. Prevention of regress or ingress of water or liquids through construction or expansion joints in water retaining or excluding structures such as dams, reservoirs, digesters, water towers, canals, basements, car parks and retaining walls.

Goldstar Sealmaster 1000

TAL GOLDSTAR SEALMASTER 1000 is a single component permanently flexible moisture curing polyurethane based adhesive and joint sealant. TAL GOLDSTAR SEALMASTER 1000 exhibits excellent properties for adhesion between most substrates and materials, including materials with dissimilar coefficients of expansion. TAL GOLDSTAR SEALMASTER 1000 is fast curing and is resistant to shock, vibration and temperature change when cured. TAL GOLDSTAR SEALMASTER 1000 is available in Grey. White and Black are available by special order.

TAL Porecelainfix

TAL PORCELAINFIX is a grey quick-setting high-strength shrinkage-compensated cement based adhesive for fixing porcelain tiles. It can also be used to fix other types of tiles. The adhesive was designed for easy use, allowing a 4 hour pot life

Screedmaster Industrial

TAL Screedmaster Industrial is a single-component high-performance heavy-duty industrial self-levelling and smoothing Underlayment Compound, manufactured from rapid-setting shrinkage-compensated cement and selected aggregates. Designed with high flow properties, when added to water it produces a smooth, flexible and hard wearing floor surface prior to the fixing of floor coverings with minimum installation time.

Self-Smoothing Polyurethane Flooring

TAL UraFloor SL is a 2 – 4mm commercial duty, flow applied, self-smoothing polyurethane floor topping, which provides a surface with excellent resistances to abrasion, chemical attack and other forms of physical aggression. TAL UraFloor SL is a seamless, smooth finish with uniform colour based on water dispersed polyurethane resin combined with reactive polyurethane hardener and graded silica aggregates. TAL UraFloor SL has excellent resistant to organic and inorganic acids, alkalis, fuel and hydraulic oils, aromatic and aliphatic solvents.

X-Tech UralFloor Ht, Screed Grade Applied to concrete

TAL X-Tech UralFloor Ht, Screed Grade application  to concrete  guidelines. X-Calibur provides detailed method statements on all its products for use in various applications. These must be referred to prior to starting work. The information below is a summary intended for guidance only.

X-Tite EpoxyGrout 150 Flowable Epoxy ResinGrout

X-Tite EpoxyGrout 150 is a flowable epoxy resin grout used for a variety of grouting and anchoring applications where high dynamic loads are anticipated and high early strength is required

Industrial Epoxy Grout (Fine & Coarse)

TAL Industrial Epoxy Grout is ideal for internal and external applications where chemical resistance and hygienic conditions are extremely important, such as abattoirs, breweries, dairies, food and beverage production and preparation areas, hospitals, mine change rooms, swimming pools, bacteria and mould growth areas, etc. TAL Industrial Epoxy Grout is suitable for use in installations where tiling will be subjected to steam cleaning. TAL Industrial Epoxy Grout is simple to apply, with minimal wastage and excellent clean off properties.

X-Calibur® High Performance Epoxy Floor Systems

TAL’s X-Tech Epoxy floor systems including: X-Tech EpoxyAqua 100 – High performance wall and floor coating for concrete, X-Tech EpoxyFloor SL – Abrasion and chemical resistant self-leveling epoxy floor, X-Tech EpoxySeal FLR100 – High performance sloven free floor coating for concrete, X-Tech Epoxy TF Abrasion and chemical resistant self leveling epoxy floor screed.

X-Calibur® Fusion™

In commercial & retail application FUSION™ offers the durability, colour intensity, smoothness and beautiful detailing to suit the most demanding of environments. The surface is finished and sealed to provide enhanced stain & abrasion resistance with an easy maintenance regime.

Yale Digital Door Locking Solutions

Assa Abloy’s Yale digital door locking solutions…

Maxiflex Door Systems | Albany HS8010PL

The Albany HS8010PL is large sized high speed door for outside applications. The main features of the Albany HS8010PL are: large-sized, max. 9000 x 5500 mm, heavy-duty operations, outside usage, galvanised steel construction, unique direct door drive system, opening speed up to 0,8 m/s. The unique direct door drive system eliminates the need for weighted bottom bars or tension systems by actively driving the door curtain. An exceptional reliability and smooth operation is ensured by a frequency inverter driven motor for a soft start and stop.

Maxiflex | Albany RR300 Plus High Performance Door

The door (side frame, top roll cover and bottom profile) is made from aluminium or stainless steel. The door comes standard with a transparent PVC curtain with blue reinforcement stripes. In situations, for example, where more leakage protection is necessary, durable curtains made of RollTex or Normatex are available. Silicone-free curtains are also available.

880 Series Exit Hardware

The UNION 880 Series combines quality engineering and high performance with contemporary aesthetics. The range boasts maximum versatility, comprising of both ‘touch bar’ and ‘push bar’ variants for single and double doors. The new range offers a lighter, smoother and quieter alternative to the traditional bolting action. For single doors there is a choice of either a single point latch variant, or 2/3 point locking using upper and lower Pullman latches. For double doors, a choice of 3 and 5 point locking is available. Guaranteed for 10 years…

Turnstar | Making Turnstile History

Turnstar, the largest manufacturer of physical access control products in Africa, added to its impressive portfolio with its work on the FIFA Football World Cup 2010 stadiums.

Overhead Sectional Door - Crawford OH1042FG

The Crawford OH 1042FG overhead sectional doors are fully glazed door, designed to be used when there is a need for maximum light, exposure, or vision.

Bio Dosing System | Fat Digestion and Odour Control | Herbish Drainage Systems

The HERBISH® BIO Dosing System dispenses programmable quantities of bacteria-containing BIO Fluid into the grease trap. These bacteria secrete food specific enzymes which rapidly degrades fat, oil and grease converting them into simple, environmentally harmless compounds that cannot recombine at a later stage.

Sikagard - 550 W Elastic

Sikagard®-550 W Elastic is a one component, plasto-elastic coating based on UV-curing acrylic dispersion with excellent crack-bridging properties even at temperatures below 0°C. Sikagard®-550 W Elastic complies with the requirements of EN 1504-2 as protective coating.

Sika MonoTop - 615 HB

Sika® MonoTop -615HB is a high build cementitious, polymer modified, one component repair and reprofiling mortar containing silica fume.

Sika WT Series

The Sika® Watertight Concrete System offers a comprehensive solution for watertight structures. The system consists of concrete that has been specially modified with Sika admixtures to produce waterproof concrete; and carefully selected waterstops for construction and movement joints. Watertight concrete structures can be designed to keep water in or out or both. The need to maximize design flexibility has led clients and specifiers to look below ground as an alternative, whether for basement parking or a habitable environment.

DC450 & DC460 Floor Springs

The DC450 & DC460 floor springs are suitable for very thin slabs. These springs have CAM-Motion technology and fixed closing force. With a cast iron body, they are suitable for fire and smoke protection doors for double and single action doors up to 120kg. These springs are certified in compliance with EN1154 size 3.

Heavy Duty Full Height Single 4 Arm Turnstile

Access Control – Specification  

Prestige Full Height Glass Turnstile Omega

Access Control – Specification 

Small Concealed Ceiling Unit

Small concealed ceiling unit designed for hotel bedrooms. Blends unobtrusively with any interior décor, only the suction and discharge grilles are visible.

Sika® ComfortFloor - Selection Guide

Sika flooring solutions for commercial and public building areas. The range is suitable for all commercial and public buildings, such as schools, museums, retails, leisure etc., and where personnel stand for long periods of time or where a reduction of footfall noise and horizontal noise transmission is required.

Sika® FerroGard® -903+

Sika FerroGard® -903+ is a unique blend of non toxic, organic corrosion inhibitor based on amino alcohol and salts of amino alcohol technology, designed for use as an impregnation on hardened reinforced concrete. FerroGard® -903 penetrates the concrete and forms an adsorbed protective film on the surface of the steel reinforcement.

Sikafloor® -PurCem®

Flooring solutions for the food industry and other extreme service conditions. Sikafloor -PurCem® is suitable for use in areas subject to extreme hygienic conditions which require frequent and intensive steam or hot water and chemically aggressive cleaning.

Roof Waterproofing Systems with Sikalastic® Liquid Applied Membrane

The new liquid applied SikaRoof Systems are based on cold, hand-applied 1-component or machine-applied 2-component polyurethane resins, which cure and form seamless, fully bonded, homogeneous waterproof membranes. SikaRoof Systems are used for both new and refurbishment works…

Seaqual Waterproofing Flange

Seaqual’s waterproofing flange in plan view and side view.

DC130 Door Closers

ASSA ABLOY DC130 rack and pinion door closer with link arm. Can be used for left and right-hand doors and is suitable for fire and smoke protection doors.

Yale Keyfree Digital Door Lock

With a simple PIN code to unlock the door, this lock combines stylish good looks and security peace of mind with convenience by allowing you to access and protect your property without a key. Using a high security Yale Y3 nightlatch, digital door lock with touch screen keypad and battery pack…

Rufflette Stainless Steel Tiebacks & Finials

Kirtech’s Rufflette range of Stainless Steel Finials & Tiebacks, inlcuding Brackets, Hooks and Rings (Window Dressings and Curtains)

SikaRoof® MTC Green

Green roof solutions with Sikalastic® liquid membranes. Green Roofs present a solution in the quest for sustainability, particularly in urban developments where the emphasis is on increasing biodiversity and quality of life.They can aid planning consent and provide many environmental and economic benefits…

Sikafloor® Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Areas with High Aesthetic Requirements

Highly decorative flooring solutions for the highest aesthetic demands. The decorative flooring solutions from Sika allow the creation of an almost unlimited combination of functional and aesthetic requirements. The results of this flexibility in design are rooms so unique…

Besam Curved Sliding Door - CMD

Besam CMD sliding door makes it possible to design the entrance in three dimensions, with depth in addition to the normal width and height. This gives the entrance an elegant and decorative appearance whilst it remains extremely functional.

DC300 Door Closers

Assa Abloy DC300 rack and pinion door closer with link arm L190. Certified in compliance with EN 1154, size 3-6. Suitable for fire and smoke protection doors. For single doors up to 1400mm wide.

DC500 Door Closers

Assa Abloy DC500 door closer with CAM Motion Technology and height-adjustable guide rail G195 or standard guide rail G193. Fulfils barrier-free building requirements. Suitable for fire and smoke protection doors.

DC140 Door Closers

Assa Abloy DC140 rack and pinion door closer with link arm. Can be used for left and right-hand doors. Suitable for fire and smoke protection doors.

DC200 Door Closers

Assa Abloy rack and pinion door closer with link arm L190. Suitable for fire and smoke protection doors. Certified in compliance with EN 1154, size 2-4.

Besam Automatic Door System - Frame

Its rugged design and clean, classic appearance makes Besam Frame suitable for use in entrances with high traffic and where shopping trolleys must pass in and out. Besam Frame comprises doors, operator, safety units and, if required, side screens and overlights.

DC700 Door Closers

Assa Abloy DC700 door closer with Cam Motion Technology and height adjustable guide rail G195 or standard guide rail G193. Certified in compliance with EN 1154, size 3-6. Can be used in four installation types: hinge and non-hinge sides in standard and frame installation.

Technical Information: Door Closers

ASSA ABLOY’s door closers are ideal for a wide range of situations – from private homes to the commercial or public sector and for heavy or lightweight doors. The modular design simplifes planning, while the intelligent setting adjustment and installation features ensure easy installation.

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