Building Product Brochures & Datasheets

Resin Wall Coverings

Exterior Crack Filler | Cemcrete | Tough Waterproof Crack Filler

Exterior crack filler is a very tough waterproof filler based on special thermoplastic resins and fillers. Softens slightly with increases of temperature, thereby relaxing the tension in the crack.

CemBond | Cemcrete | Polymer based resin

Cemcrete’s Cembond is a polymer based resin or bonding liquid that is compatible with cement, lime, sand and gypsum and adheres to concrete, brick, tiles, cement, plaster and stone.

CemBond Datasheet

CemBond Datasheet – contains resin with exceptional adhesive qualities. It has been proven over the past couple of decades to be a reliable general-purpose adhesive for the building and decorative industry.

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