Building Product Brochures & Datasheets


Aluminium / Glass Louvres | Aluplan

Aluminium louvres are the smart choice for homes and businesses that want to take advantage of the security, durability and reliability that aluminium brings. Glass louvres are the perfect way to keep your home, business or factory cool and ventilated while still remaining secure and durable.

Outdoor Air Processing Unit | Daikin

Outdoor air processing unit is the ideal solution for shops, restaurants or offices requiring maximum floor space for furniture, decorations and fittings.

Stab-A-Load | Kelley HVLS Fans

Kelly’s high volume low speed fans are designed to provide an energy-efficient solution for large spaces. Using the laws of physics and aerodynamics, HVLS fans require much less energy than traditional HVAC systems, and provide year-round employee comfort and temperature control.

Smoke and Heat Extraction System (RWA)

RWA & Ventilation: Geze Drive Technology for Smoke and Heat Extraction Systems, RWA Exhaust Systems, RWA Fresh Air Systems

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