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Outdoor Air Processing Unit | Daikin

Outdoor air processing unit is the ideal solution for shops, restaurants or offices requiring maximum floor space for furniture, decorations and fittings.

Aluminium / Glass Louvres

Aluminium louvres are the smart choice for homes and businesses that want to take advantage of the security, durability and reliability that aluminium brings. Glass louvres are the perfect way to keep your home, business or factory cool and ventilated while still remaining secure and durable.

New Product Catalogue 2014

Daikin’s latest range of Air Conditioners, Ventilation, Applied Systems, Chillers, Fan Coil Units, Ururu Sarara, Emura for residential and commercial application.

Ururu Sarara

A unique combination of humidification, dehumidification, ventilation and air purification.

Smoke and Heat Extraction System (RWA)

RWA & Ventilation: Geze Drive Technology for Smoke and Heat Extraction Systems, RWA Exhaust Systems, RWA Fresh Air Systems

Solent Trading | Pedestal Fan

Solents new pedestal fan – bdlc converted frequency fan has 6 speed settings and has a sealed motor with low noise.

Solent Trading | Pedestal Fan

The 400mm Solent BLDC Converted-Frequency pedestal fan is the energy saving solution you have been looking for. It is simple to install, easy to operate and comes with a 3 year no nonsense warranty. The Solent pedestal fan is driven by a 4-43 watt motor, with 6 speed functions. This oscillating pedestal fan covers a large area to ensure total air circulation.

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