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Vanity Slabs

Caesarstone quartz – beauty and strength combined

Caesarstone quartz – beauty and strength combined Since 1987 Caesarstone has been pioneering with quartz, developing thousands of designs and launching hundreds of successful new products each and every year.

Rudi's Choice | Marble & Onyx Collection

MARBLE & ONYX COLLECTION Just as Michelangelo sought to discover the statue hidden inside each block of marble, he was given, so we invite you to bring your dreams to life with Rudi’s Choice marble and onyx. Exceptionally versatile materials, both marble and onyx have been used for centuries to create awe-inspiring art, majestic staircases, classic kitchens and resplendent flooring. With contemporary design trends, marble and onyx are being used in more ways than ever before. Discover the beauty and versatility of marble and onyx with Rudi’s Choice.

Eezi Quartz | Quartz-based engineered stone

Eezi Quartz is a quartz-based engineered stone ideal for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities or surface worktops at an affordable price.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz Countertops from International Slab Sales supplier of Eezi Quartz countertops. Good-looking kitchen or bathroom finish, with the promise of durability. Affordable design and durability, South Africa’s source of countertops and bathroom vanities.

Vanity Tops & Coffee Tables

Union Tiles collection of Vanity Tops and Coffee Tables made from natural stone

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