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Turnstiles (Security)

Tripod Turnstiles for Public Transport Applications

The Tripod Turnstiles operates around traditional technology and is simple in operation yet suitable for integration into any modern-day fare collection system. This solution is diverse in design to fit on to any station concourse or compact enough to fit on board buses and trains. Models available include a 316 grade stainless steel version and an outdoor version IP54, 316 stainless steel. A Double version is also available.

Tribune full height ultra secure single reader industrial turnstile

TRIBUNE FULL HEIGHT ULTRA SECURE SINGLE READER INDUSTRIAL TURNSTILE provides the highest levels of security available in a turnstile. It is suited for applications requiring the strictest controls over access and time & attendance. Used extensively in applications such as mines, factories and warehouses.

Turnstar Pay Entry System

Charge an entrance fee for your public restroom, swimming pool, club or facility. • Pay for entry system • Coin acceptor which accepts multiple types of coins once programmed • Programmable to any currency • Can be set to any amount • In-built counter for auditing purposes with reset function • Lockable coin hopper • Can be fitted to any type of turnstile or gooseneck • Not for outdoor installations and cannot give change or a receipt


TITAN FULL HEIGHT INDUSTRIAL TURNSTILE is a high security, aesthetic choice for your entrance which provides a high level of perimeter security. It is suited for applications requiring high volume access and high levels of security. Used extensively in applications such as mines, factories, warehouses, colleges and stadiums.

Turnstar | Helicopter Turnstile

Helicopter Turnstile Turnstar waist height uni-directional turnstile.

Turnstar Product Catalogue

Turnstar Product Catalogue provides a total solution for all physical access control and time & attendance applications. Turnstar manufactures some of the world’s most reliable and durable entrance control products. Products manufactured by Turnstar include a full range of turnstiles, speed gates, revolving doors, man-trap cubicles, vehicle barriers, high-security spike barriers and anti-terror rising bollards & road blockers. A full research, design and development team is able to assist Turnstar clients from project conception, all the way through to on-site installation.

Boomgate Product Range

Boomgate Systems Product Range Manufacturers and suppliers of Vehicle Access Control Equipment and pedestrian access control

Twister® Shopping Waist Height Turnstile

The turnstile is used for reliability, ultra high traffic flow and has virtually no maintenance. The Twister turnstile is used in retail to control pedestrian flow in and out of stores. It is designed for interior or exterior applications.

Twister® 3-Arm Waist Height Turnstiles

The Twister waist height turnstile is used to control high traffic volumes at medium risk areas and is suitable for exterior and interior use. It is available in single / double Euro Style or Slimline configurations.

TriTech ML: Half Height Tripod Turnstile

TriTech ML mono-legged heavy-duty and electro-mechanical half height tripod turnstiles provides optimal people flow regulation and medium level of security in one user-friendly and robust solution with minimal footprint…

Alltech TriTech SL: Tripod Turnstile

TriTech SL electromechanical dual legged tripod turnstiles are a compact, elegant, user-friendly and reliable solution. Heavy-duty electromechanical full height turnstiles are designed to ensure reliable unmanned pedestrian access control where pedestrians enter or exit restricted areas.

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