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Mosaic Tiles

Terra-Stone: Authentic Terrazzo

Terra-Stone is a technically advanced and chemically modified conglomerate tile, available in slimline full bodied Terrazzo with a nominal 600x600x20mm format. The tile is manufactured in a wide selection of standard colours. Architects and designers can, however, request custom mix designs at a small premium, depending on the quantity required.

Venetian Mosaics

Union Tiles is delighted to present our Venetian Mosaic Collection, a celebration of vibrant colours and timeless elegance. This collection offers a splendid array of colours, including Autumn Hue, Rosa Zarzi, Rosso Verona, Sandstone, Tiger Stripe, Ivory, Jade, Mocca Streak, and Brazilian.

Riverbed Pebbles

Experience the natural beauty of riverbed pebbles in a stunning mosaic form with Union Tiles’ Riverbed Pebbles Mosaic Collection. This collection offers a captivating blend of Sliced Riverbed Pebbles and Stacked Riverbed Pebbles, available in a myriad of colors, including Black, Border Tan, Earthy, Green, Ivory, Lava, Micro Black, Micro Green Onyx, Micro Onyx, Micro Yellow, Micro Red, Mixed, Papua Brown, Quail Speckle, Red, Salmon, White, Tan, and Yellow.

Leather Mosaics

Union Tiles is delighted to present our Leather Mosaic Collection, a captivating fusion of timeless luxury and artistic innovation. This collection elevates the warmth and sophistication of leather to new heights, making it an ideal choice for creating luxurious and stylish interiors.


Union Tiles Mosaic Tile Range – Unleash Your Design Creativity Discover Union Tiles’ diverse mosaic tile range, including Natural Stone, Stainless Steel, Sea Shell, Aluminium, Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass, and Terrazzo, offering endless possibilities to elevate your interior design with elegance and style.

Union Tiles Mosaics - Slate

Union Tiles Slate Mosaic Collection – A Symphony of Earthy Elegance Experience the captivating beauty of Union Tiles’ Slate Mosaic Collection, showcasing a diverse spectrum of shades and textures, from the rich, timeless African Blue to the lustrous Bronze, the polished Jade Green, the deep hues of Burgundy, the vibrant Asian Autumn, Spiced Gold, Autumn Harvest, Fired Earth, the natural allure of Jade Green, the dark enchantment of Lillet Blush, and the sumptuous tones of Rich Autumn. Perfect for infusing your space with the timeless charm of earthy elegance.

Mosaics - Interlocking Rivens

Union Tiles Interlocking Rivens Mosaic Collection – Elegance in Blue Silk and Travertino Hazel Nut Discover the timeless charm of Union Tiles’ Interlocking Rivens Mosaic Collection, featuring the serene Blue Silk and the warm, inviting Travertino Hazel Nut in Hazel Nut Brown, offering a touch of sophistication to your space.

Union Tiles Mosaics - Quartzite

Union Tiles range of mosaics – Quartzite

Additions to Mosaic Catalogue

Union tiles addition to mosaics catalogue

Union Tiles Mosaics - Porcelain

Union Tiles range of mosaics – Porcelain

Union Tiles Mosaics - Ceramic

Union Tiles range of mosaics – Ceramic

Union Tiles Mosaics - Glass

Union Tiles range of mosaics – Glass

Union Tiles Mosaics - Stone Composite

Union Tiles range of mosaics – Stone Composite

Union Tiles Shell & Coconut

Union Tiles range of mosaics – Shell & Coconut

Union Tiles Mosaics - Aluminium

Union Tiles range of mosaics – Aluminium

Union Tiles Mosaics - Metal

Union Tiles range of mosaics – Metal

Union Tiles Mosaics - Limestone

Union Tiles range of mosaics – Limestone

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