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Marble and Plaster Finishes Swimming Pool

Pool Products | Cemcrete

Pool preparation products, decorative finishes and pool repair products.

Pool Crack Filler Datasheet | Cemcrete

pool crack filler datasheet – A heavily fibre-reinforced flexible paste which, after being allowed to dry, remains flexible under water.

BeadCrete Datasheet

BeadCrete Datasheet – BeadCrete is a factory-blended ready to use aggregate render for use on reinforced concrete pool interiors. BeadCrete produces a significantly superior aesthetic appearance. The finish is not coarse for low risk of skin abrasions and is easily applied to new or renovated pool interiors by competent tradespersons.

PoolCrete Start-Up Guide

PoolCrete Start-Up Guide – An important step-by-step guide to the chemical treatment of new PoolCrete pools.

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