Building Product Brochures & Datasheets

Soil Stabilisation

SoilSaver for erosion problems

SoilSaver for erosion problems, the ideal solution for stabilising and protecting ground surfaces from soil erosion. Made from woven 100% jute yarn, SoilSaver® features a coarse, 65% open mesh structure. This natural fibre mesh provides effective protection for bare soil against the elements, ensuring long-lasting stability and erosion control. Choose SoilSaver® for sustainable and reliable soil erosion management.


Enviromat® is a locally produced and biodegradable erosion control blanket made from woodwool extracted from the alien Poplar tree. Used to combat soil erosion on exposed slopes, it stimulates vegetative growth while protecting topsoil and germinating seeds from the elements.


Multi-Cell® is a honeycombed structure that is manufactured from strips of a coated slit film woven polypropylene tape that are stitched alternatively together to form a three dimensional diamond shaped cells. Multi-Cell® is used as an in-situ shuttering to cast continuous interlocking concrete paving for road or canal construction and as an erosion control formwork for soil vegetated embankments. Multi-Cell® has been extensively used in the construction industry as a fast and effective solution to canal / channel protection, load support and erosion control.

Introduction to the Terraforce Range of Retaining Blocks

Terraforce is an award-winning retaining wall system, combines more advantages than other systems: relatively lightweight for transport, interlocking on horizontal as well as a vertical plane, reversible to display smooth round face, smooth straight face or split straight face appearance. The range of plant-supportive blocks is suited to create environmentally friendly domestic or industrial installations and support sustainable development in soil stabilisation.

Kaybion ® baskets and mattresses

Kaybion® baskets and mattresses are woven wire mesh containers manufactured from zinc-coated steel wire, with or without an additional PVC coating.

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