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Security Equipment Safes

Anti-Bandit Doors | Mutual Safes

Anti-Bandit Doors by Mutual Safes – Security Product Purpose made bullet resistant, anti-bandit doors are manufactured with 100mm x 50mm x 2mm mild steel frame. They are supplied with a 5 pin CISA deadlock, continuous roton type hinge, aluminium slam bar and D-style pull handles

SafeStore 2000C: Safe Deposit Lockers for Storage of Valuables

SafeStore 2000C is a safe deposit locker range utilising the vault space with attractively designed lockers and cost-effective visiting routines. SafeStore 2000C is fast and easy to install in a range of vault types: concrete strong rooms, pre-fabricated strong rooms, safes or free-standing in hotel lobbies.

Strongroom & Vault Doors

All our Strongroom doors offer excellent protection against fire and skilled methods of attack. The sturdy construction and locking mechanism make these Strongroom doors ideal for various applications including places such as schools, businesses, post offices and industrial buildings. The higher security level vault and Strongroom doors consisting of Cat 2 ADM, 3, 4 & 5 are designed with the highest security requirements in mind. These Strongroom doors are used by banks, CIT companies, mining houses, diamond & jewellery businesses as well as chain stores. Our Strongroom doors are perfect for where there is any concern for high levels of cash & valuables that need protection.

RS Fire Safe

The RS-3, Fire, Burglary and Office safe offers fire and burglary protection with enormously increase storage capacity. The safe provides an affordable way to store important documents and other valuables without compromising their security.

RHS 5 - 10 Gun Safe

The RHS 5 – 10 Rifle and Gun Safe will ensure secure storage of rifles, guns and ammunition. SABS and SAPS approved, it will protect your firearms from theft and from falling into the wrong hands. The safes are supplied as standard with key locks, but digital electronic locks are available on request.

Retail Drop Safes

The retail Drop Safes offer fire and burglary protection for an overnight application. The safes provide security in a controlled environment in any situation where cash is required to be deposited and stored prior to cash collection.

SABS Category Safes

The Mutual range of SABS approved safes offers sophisticated defence against both skilled and unskilled burglary. Highly recommended by the insurance industry, this range incorporates varying levels of security and offers clients categories 1 to 5, depending upon their security and insurance requirements.

JV-6020 TL-30 Safe

For use in the home or office, the JV-6020 TL-30 Safe, with its six-sided composite construction and 2-hour fire protection is the best choice.

Jewel Vault TL-30 Safe

For use in the home or office, the Jewel Vault Mutual TL30 Range of UL Safes, with its six-sided composite construction and 2-hour fire protection is the best choice.

Home & Office Safes

The Mutual Office Safe is a secure unit available in various sizes to suit your specific security needs. A steel-plated unit with a digital electronic lock or key lock is available in various models.

DV-6034 TL-30X6 Safe

For use in the home or office, the DV-6034 TL-30X6 Safe, with its six-sided composite construction and 2-hour fire protection is the best choice.

Dual Protector

The Mutual Dual Protector CAT2 ADM, CAT3, 4 & 5 safes, serves as a multi-functional safe. The design and development logic behind this unit is to provide security in controlled environments. This safe can be used in places such as?retail, banking, financial organisations, hotels and casinos as well as all offices and stores.

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