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SafeStore 3000F: Safe Deposit Lockers for the Storage of Valuables

SafeStore 3000F is a safe deposit locker range which maximises the use of vault space and optimises visiting routines. SafeStore 3000F can be quickly and easily built inside a prefabricated vault, a concrete strong room or a safe, or installed as a free-standing unit. To suit different customer requirements and fully utilise vault heights, a range of locker heights are available…

SafeControl: Complete Management of Safe Deposit Locker Systems

SafeControl is a single portal connected to your entire network of Gunnebo and non-Gunnebo safe deposit locker systems. The software runs via a web browser and gives a real-time overview of the status of all safe deposit lockers (SDLs) – no matter where in the world they are located. This enables the remote monitoring and management of robotised systems, such as SafeStore Auto, as well as electronic and mechanical systems, like SafeStore 2000C or SafeStore 3000F.

SafeStore 2000C: Safe Deposit Lockers for Storage of Valuables | Gunnebo

SafeStore 2000C is a safe deposit locker range utilising the vault space with attractively designed lockers and cost-effective visiting routines. SafeStore 2000C is fast and easy to install in a range of vault types: concrete strong rooms, pre-fabricated strong rooms, safes or free-standing in hotel lobbies.

SafePay™ Cartridge Deposit System | Gunnebo

Gunnebo Safepay Cartridge Deposit System Security Equipment for cash deposits.

Chubbsafes: Omega Deposit Safes

Omega Deposit Safes can securely hold cash without the need for them to be opened. The safe is ideal for retail outlets operating remotely from central areas and in multi-shift or out-of-hours environments where key holders are not always available. Omega Deposit Safes mean that large quantities of money do not have to build up in the cash till.

The Complete System for Safe Deposit Locker Management

Gunnebo has developed an innovative software solution for the management of all your safe deposit lockers, giving you complete control not just in one bank, but in every single branch. SafeControl can be installed at multiple workstations and gives bank staff a constant real-time overview of the status of all your safe deposit lockers.

SafeStore Auto Midi: Self-Service Safe Deposit Box

SafeStore Auto Midi is a fully automated system of robotic safe deposit boxes located in a separate high-security safe. The SafeStore Auto Midi is a compact, effective and flexible self-service solution with 24-hour availability…

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