Building Product Brochures & Datasheets

Acrylic Paint

Derbipaint E | Matt Acrylic Paint for Finishing Bituminous Membranes

Matt Acrylic Paint by Derbit for bitumionous membranes finishing. DERBIPAINT E is a water based acrylic paint mainly applied for aesthetic reasons on smooth waterproofing membranes.

Interior Paint & Decor Plasters

Africote’s products and services include: acrylic paints, cement paints, wall plasters and renderings, flooring products, decorative paints, solvent based paints, surface preparation products, primers, sealers, waterproofing products, low cost housing products…

Luxury Paint Range

Interior and exterior paint to decorate, protect and preserve your wall. The Marmoran luxury paint range includes the following products; Marmoclad, Aquanil, Marmocoate M180, Marmosilk, Percale and Carecoat.

Affordable Housing | Cost-Effective Wall Coatings

Cost-effective wall coatings for mass housing projects.  Cemcrete’s Khozi Coat is a one Coat PVA acrylic paint suitable for interior and exterior surfaces. It is alkali resistant and is designed as a one-coat application for existing or newly plastered surfaces, cement bricks or building blocks.  StippleCrete provides an exceptionally long-lasting, weatherproof, economic coating for fairface brick-work or concrete in one coat.


Percale is an ultra matt acrylic paint that is designed for interior and exterior use.

Mos 80

Mos 80 is a mosquito repellent acrylic paint with anti-fungal properties and is designed for interior or exterior use. It is ideal for walls and ceilings…

Marmocote M180

Marmocote M180 Low Sheen Pure Acrylic Paint is designed for interior or exterior use, is easy to clean and has excellent impact and abrasion resistance.


Carecoat is a zero voc low sheen pure acrylic paint that is designed for interior or exterior use.

Asbestos Encapsulating Coating System

The Asbestos Encapsulating Coating System is a high build acrylic coating for the protection of asbestos surfaces. It has been specially developed for the protection of asbestos surfaces and is applied to both the interior and exterior asbestos surfaces.


Aquanil is a low sheen self cleaning pure acrylic paint that is based on a specially formulated hydrophobic acrylic polymer that promotes self-cleaning and fungal resistance.

Marmoran Cosmos Acrylic Coating

Cosmos offers a distinctive subtle texture with a fine pearlescent glow. This coating offers maximum water resistance and promotes self-cleaning.

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