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Latex Bitumen Screeds

Flexbond | Cemcrete | Latex-based liquid admixture

FlexBond replaces some or all of the water in cement mixes to improve bond, waterproofing, flexural, tensile and abrasive strengths, adhesion, thin-film hardness, weak acid resistance, adhesion to asphalt and reduces drying shrinkage. Can also be used to waterproof water-containing structures. Used in conjunction with textiles & membranes for cracks and joints in structures. Improves the adhesion of slush-coats for re-plastering pools, patching, repairing or application of screeds. Improves adhesion and waterproofing qualities of tile adhesive, tile grout and self-levelling floor screed. Used as an additive to PoolCrete to promote the colour enhancement and resistance to pool chemicals.

FlexBond Datasheet

FlexBond Datasheet – A non-hazardous latex-based liquid admixture for cement plasters; screeds or concrete.


A modified latex-based additive designed for use with TAL SUPERSCREED, enhancing the bond strength and flexibility of TAL SUPERSCREED. Should be used in place of water in the TAL SUPERSCREED mix when applied in high traffic areas, exterior or exposed areas, where building movement is expected (i.e. suspended slabs) and where thermal expansion and contraction is expected (i.e. under tile heating). Also used as an additive with TAL RAPIDFIX when applied in ‘wet’ or exposed areas.

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