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Chubbsafes Alpha Safe Range

Chubbsafes Alpha Safe Range Suitable for the home and office, the Alpha range offers entry-level protection for your valuables. With a choice of a dual control key and electronic lock, or a key-lock only the Alpha range includes an anchoring kit so the safe can be securely based or rear fixed to resist unauthorised removal once installed.

Stadia Solutions

Gunnebo, through many years of global experience has gained extensive knowledge within the stadia and arena sector to derive a range of facility gates suitable to withstand the rigours of use; combining heavy spectator throughput, the need for reliability, robustness, and prevention of unauthorised access.

Yale Deposit Safe

Secure deposits of parcels and confidential documents. Ideal for use in reception areas, restaurants, doctors rooms, B&B’s, small cash businesses, independent store fronts…

Chubbsafes Titanium Cat 4 Safe

The Titanium Cat 4 Safe has additional reinforcement and includes two key locks with a combination lock, increasing the value of cash rating. The Cat 4 Safe offers comprehensive security solutions for businesses that deal with cash takings.

Chubbsafes Titanium Cat 2 ADM Safe

Titanium Cat 2 ADM Safes offer comprehensive security solutions for businesses that deal with cash takings. The Titanium Cat 2 ADM has additional reinforcement, increasing the value of the cash rating. The safe is manufactured to the highest standards and SABS approved.

Chubbsafes Titanium Cat 2 Safe

The traditional construction promotes its strength complemented by a clean and simple design. All titanium safes are tested and certified by leading test authorities. Active re-lockers are incorporated into the bolt-work to resist attack. The titanium range can be customised with a choice of locking options, shelves and lockable drawers…

Chubbsafes Titanium Dual Safe

Titanium Dual Safes offer comprehensive security solutions for businesses that deal with cash takings. The design, latest methods of manufacturing and modern barrier materials give it a considerable degree of resistance to modern burglary attack. The Titanium Dual Safe has a double door with two key locks per door offering maximum protection for your valuables.

Chubbsafes: Omega Deposit Safes

Omega Deposit Safes can securely hold cash without the need for them to be opened. The safe is ideal for retail outlets operating remotely from central areas and in multi-shift or out-of-hours environments where key holders are not always available. Omega Deposit Safes mean that large quantities of money do not have to build up in the cash till.

Chubbsafes: Epsilon Key Safes

Epsilon Key Safes are designed to secure keys; be they car keys, office keys or site keys. It provides more protection than the typical light steel cabinets available from stationers. Epsilon cabinets have a key deposit feature on the side of the safe which allows keys to be securely deposited inside…

Chubbsafes: Elements Air Range of Safes

The Elements Air range of safes offers entry-level protection for your valuables in the home, small offices and hotels. The range includes a specially designed laptop safe with extra width for the storage of portable computers and tablet PCs as well as the hotel safe which is secured by a user-friendly electronic lock with motorised bolt-work and includes features such as master coding, emergency key override and an audit facility.

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