Building Product Brochures & Datasheets

Retaining Walls

Derbit | Concrete Retaining Wall

Waterproofing detail of concrete retaining wall.

Terraflora Waterwise Greening

Terraflora Waterwise Greening Design your ultimate garden using this collection of South Africa’s indigenous plants.

Decorwall Retaining Block | Terraforce Hollow Core Retaining Block

Terraforce Decorwall Block with mechanical vertical interlock for economical retaining solutions. Used in the following applications: meandering terraces, composite walls, steps, tilted foundation for extra stability, storm water management…

Kaytech | RockGrid® PC

RockGrid® PC is the first composite reinforcing geotextile to be manufactured in South Africa and offers the reinforcement characteristics of geogrids and wovens in conjunction with the favourable hydraulic qualities of nonwovens.

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