Building Product Brochures & Datasheets

Cement Plaster

CemPlaster | Cemcrete | Coloured fibre-reinforced plaster

Coloured fibre-reinforced plaster provides a tough, mottled, coloured exterior or interior plaster onto conventional wood floated or scratch plaster that is UV resistant.

CemWash | Cemcrete | Rough textured cement wall finish

Cemwash is a Rough textured cement wall finish A two-coat decorative, coloured, weatherproof cement finish; supplied as CemWash first coat grey and CemWash top coat in the colour of your choice. Having a base of Portland cement, it sets rock-hard, is UV resistant, economical and extremely durable. The purpose is to provide a tough, durable cementbased coating directly to brick, block or hard cured plaster walls.

CemPlaster Datasheet | Cemcrete

CemPlaster Datasheet – A premium blend of OPC, quality graded aggregates, high-performance additives and fibres designed as a decorative coloured, and weatherproof skim plaster to be applied between 3mm and 5mm thick. CemPlaster is suitable as an interior or exterior application.

Arctic Plaster Datasheet

A white cement-based skim plaster supplied in powder form requiring only the addition of water before being applied in one coat 3mm thick to wood floated cement plaster. If the walls are required to be particularly waterproof Cemcrete’s Water-repellent Cement should be used in the plaster.

PlasterCote | Cemcrete | Thin, leveling plaster for walls

PlasterCote – thin, leveling plaster for walls. A specially designed cement-based plaster mixture for rapid thin application to brickwork and blockwork to fill the joints and other imperfections economically. To provide a level base for the application of Cemcrete’s SatinCrete, CemCote, CemWash, Thermoplastic Coating, StippleCrete and Texturite Roughcast to walls constructed with bricks or blocks0860

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