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Two-Car Parking Systems

Car Parking Lifts

The Hydro-Park 1127 and 1123 car parking lifts are highly favoured for their simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and versatility, providing two independent parking spaces stacked vertically with ease of operation via a key switch panel. Ideal for valet parking, car showrooms, storage facilities, or airport parking, these lifts boast lifting capacities ranging from 2300 to 2700 kilograms and adjustable height options, making them suitable for various garage or underground storage setups.

Vehicle Parking Lifts & Systems | Mutrade | Hands on Lifts

Mutrade mechanical car parking equipment to increase parking spaces in limited garages. The car lift parking system is used in local government buildings, automobiles dealerships, developers, hospitals, private residential. Professional mechanical parking solution provider.

Mutrade | Mechanical Garage | Hands-on-Lifts

Mechanical Garage MUTRADE INDUSTRIAL CORP. is one of the earliest professional mechanical parking solution providers in CHINA.

KleemannPark | Car lifting systems | Hands-on-Lifts

KleemannPark, parking systems – the installation of the hydraulic KPS Car Parking System ensures more independent parking spaces for two (single platform) or four (double platform) vehicles. Excellent design, materials, production and components decrease the maintenance work on these units. They also comply with all European standards and there are various safety devices implemented in these units.

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