Building Product Brochures & Datasheets

Solvents Paint

MultiPurpose Solvent-Based Sealer Datasheet | Cemcrete

MultiPurpose Solvent-Based Sealer Datasheet greatly enhances the colour and protects the surface from ingress of dirt and grease.

MultiPurpose Water-Based Sealer Datasheet | Cemcrete

MultiPurpose Water-Based Sealer Datasheet provides a tough, durable, flexible, clear coating on vertical surfaces of concrete, cement plaster and masonry.

Tal Cleaning Solvent

TAL Cleaning Solvent is a non-flammable cleaning solvent suitable for removing grease, oil and wax deposits or residues from glazed tiles, metal surfaces and other non-plastic and unpainted surfaces which are not susceptible to solvent attack.

TAL Epoxy Cleaning Fluid

TAL EPOXY CLEANING FLUID is a blend of solvents specifically designed to clean off uncured TAL EPOXY GROUT  residues  from  the surface  of  tiles after  the  grouting  operation.  This  product is non-flammable.  TAL EPOXY CLEANING FLUID  is suitable for cleaning light epoxy residues on floors.

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