Building Product Brochures & Datasheets

Domestic Matting

Triple Active Mat

Decramat’s triple active mat scrape, brush and absorb. It is a heavy-duty mat with static dirt attraction properties. It effectively scrapes dirt and wipes moisture and is safe for high heeled footwear and wheeled trolleys. Cut pile for easy cleaning…

Cushion Fall: Looped Design Matting

The soft, compounded PVC looped surface traps dirt, debris and moisture. The mat features a non-slip vinyl backing which keeps the dirt and moisture off the floor. Cushion Fall can be customised with personalised logos or messages. Is available in 20 different colours.

COBA Africa | Leisure Facility Explorer

Leisure Facility Explorer Matco Mats by COBA Africa suppliers of Various Rubber Matting for a leisure facility.

Industrial Mats

Decramat’s range of industrial mats. Barrier Mats fulfill a function requirement where the prime consideration is to preserve the floor wear cycle by stopping dirt and by absorbing water to prevent people from slipping. Barrier Mats are highly effective where hygiene and minimising dust particles are paramount as in Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Factory Paint Shops etc. Your mat type choice depends on anticipated traffic entering a building, bearing in mind weather conditions and external terrain.

Mat-lok Extra-Heavy Duty

Mat-lok extra heavy duty: heavy goods, motor vehicle, foot and wheelchair traffic. Internal / undercover use and external / ramp use.

Matco Wash & Clean

Matcoa Wash & Clean is an economical washable doormat. It is stylish, soft-to-the-touch nylon mat with a PVC non-slip back.

Matco Kwiklok 100% Recycled PVC Interlocking Floor Tiles

Matco Kwiklok is 100% recycled PVC interlocking floor tiles. It is easy to install and needs no adhesive to install. Made from 100% recycled PVC.

Matco Interlocking Colour PVC Tiles

Matco Interlocking Colour PVC Tiles is an entrance floor tile made from recycled materials. Itás an ideal low-cost solution for refurbishing floor surfaces.

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