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Louvre Shutters

Horizon Shutter Manual

The Horizon Shutter Manual offers comprehensive guidance on Crealco’s sliding folding shutters, including product index, legal disclaimer, profile identification, hardware components, and general information.

Horizon Shutter Wall Chart

Crealco Horizon Shutter Wall Chart provides information about profiles, assembly details, and various accessories and hardware components, including shutter handles, rivets, and flush bolts, to help with the installation and use of Horizon Shutters.

Fixed Louvre Wall Chart

Crealco Fixed Louvre Wall Chart offers details about various louvre designs, including rounded and oval louvres, as well as options like Y-louvre or lazy-Z louvres for ventilation grills intended for doors or window shutters.

Clip Louvre Wall Chart

Crealco Clip Louvre Wall Chart provides information about the Clip-in fixed door ventilator product, including its features, and offers sectional diagrams for better understanding the assembly of the door vent frame and door vent clip.

Danpal ®Louvre | Danpashade - Translucent Shading System

Danpal Louvre is a translucent shading system that provides maximum control over light and heat, extended UV protection and high impact resistance. Users can adjust the louvres to create their desired balance of light and shade. With Danpal®, shading becomes a creative tool to dynamically transform the exterior. Available in a variety of colours, finishes and effects, it gives an appealing, innovative exterior design to new or refurbished buildings.

Fixed Louvre

Fixed Louvre range of profiles is ideal for all residential solutions to assist in improving the thermal efficiency of a building.

Fixed Louvre Manual

Fixed Louvre Manual Crealco creative aluminium manufacturing & installations. Hardware, size limitation guide, cross-sectional detail.

Horizon adjustable shutters

Horizon adjustable shutters have been designed in South Africa, for the South African market. The Horizon with aluminium louvre blades is designed with completely adjustable louvres which offer exceptional control of exterior light. The system is easy to maintain and allows for a beautiful view of your outside environment, but in addition, offers the option of complete privacy.

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