Building Product Brochures & Datasheets

Foam Polyethylene Insulation Material

Strip Tape: Sealing Strips

Self-adhesive foam and rubber sealing strip for indoor and outdoor applications, keeping undesirable elements out. Excellent for dust and draught sealing. Used for anti-rattle protection, cushioning and sound dampening. Also used for gap sealing for door and windows.

Sonder | HUSH - (Profiled QUASH Material)

Profiled sound absorption Polyethylene closed cell foam. Applications: Sound insulation for auxiliary fans in the mining industry, transportation, industrial equipment, noise barriers & enclosures, household appliances…

Sonder | Multi-Purpose Protectors & Protekt-a-Dor

multi-purpose protectors Closed cell, cross-linked expanded Polyethylene protectors. Used for protection of vehicles, carport poles, roll bars etc. Protects a variety of surfaces from dents or scratching. Protekt-a-Dor is used to protect vehicles, machinery, equipment and walls.

Sonder | Agricultural Foam

Agricultural Foam made from closed cell cross-linked expanded polyethylene (SPX) or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (SVA). It is non-toxic, has good shock absorption characteristics, non-fungal, safe for use with drinking water, chemical and UV resistant…

Sonder | Aerothene: Protective Packaging

An expanded non cross-linked closed cell foam, manufactured from virgin low density Polyethylene (LDPE). Protective packaging in the following industries: furniture, agriculture, automotive, construction and roofing, pharmaceutical, glassware, electronics etc.

Sonder | Open and Closed Cell Performance Foams

The leading manufacturer and converter of open and closed cell performance foams and related products to all industries needing technical solutions for sealing, thermal & acoustic insulation, protection, packaging and buoyancy applications in local and selected export markets.

Sonder | QUASH: Sound Absorption

Sound absorption Polyethylene closed cell foam. Sound absorption rather than reflection, non-corrosive and non-degradable. It is lightweight with structural strength and is water resistant and flame retardant.

Sonder | Packaging

Made from a range of Sondor foams for cushion, shock absorption and protective packaging, as well as packaging for display purposes. Space fillers ensure products are snugly packaged, load spreaders protect against impact and cushion packaging protects against shock and vibration.

Sonder | Lapseal: Polyurethane Foam Sealing Strip

A compressible, self-adhesive, impregnated Polyurethane foam sealing strip. It is used for waterproofing and dust proofing the side and end laps of roofing sheets. Lapseal is clean and easy to use. Available in various material types and sizes.

Sonder | Aerothene & BubbleWrap: Laminations

Protective packaging made from either Aerothene or BubbleWrap T110, which can be laminated onto a number of materials. Protective packaging in the following industries: furniture, agriculture, automotive, construction and roofing, pharmaceutical, glassware, electronics etc.

Sonder | Jointex: Polyethylene Joint Former

Lightweight, cross-linked, closed cell, expanded Polyethylene joint former with hinged temporary blocking piece. Used as an expansion or contraction joint former. Jointex has good compression qualities with good recovery capacity. It is waterproof, does not disintegrate, rot or swell.

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