Building Product Brochures & Datasheets


Geyser Pack Insulation

Isover Geyser Insulation Pack – The pack repays itself within a 4 month period while you enjoy long-term savings. Water stays hotter for longer thus, reducing your water and electricity consumption. Glasswool Insulation Blanket Duct Tape 1 metre Glasswool Snap on Pipe Insulation

Seaqual Ceiling Saver: Technical Data Sheet

Ceiling Savers are unique little devices that are installed over the vacuum breaker of the geyser. Vacuum breakers can fail and if they do there is no provision to lead water outside the home. In the event of vacuum breaker failure the Ceiling Saver directs the flow of water safely through the overflow pipe and discharges the water outside the home, thereby preventing flood damage within.

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