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Swing Gates

Typhoon® Motorised Pedestrian Swing Gate - Round

Our Typhoon special needs gate is designed to offer reliable controlled access in banks, reception areas, airports, leisure facilities, museums or where a medium level of security is required. For interior or exterior use.

Turnstar Pulse Automatic Gate

The PULSE automatic gate provides controlled access and unassisted opening and closing for any need, be it trolley, wheelchair or baby buggy. It has an automatic glass wing which does the work for you, incorporating BLDC motor drive technology.  Suited for applications requiring medium volume access and low levels of security. Used extensively in applications such as office receptions, commercial buildings, health clubs and public buildings.

PRO WING® Speedstile 180° Swing Barrier

PRO WING® BGS-T401 SPEEDSTILE 180° SWING BARRIER DC BRUSHLESS MOTORISED The Pro Wing speed stile 180° swing gate is suitable for most entrance control. Any application where high volume access needs to be controlled with a medium level of security. It is also suitable for special needs access.

TYPHOON Motorised Pedestrian Swing Gate Barrier 90º & 180º - SQUARE

TYPHOON Motorised Pedestrian Swing Gate Barrier 90º & 180º – SQUARE • This versatile product is suitable for most entrance control and is designed for long lasting reliability and has a maintenance free mechanism. • Boomgate Systems offer a wide range of options to compliment any prestige installation. • Exported worldwide.

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