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Security Gates

Guardian Security Barrier Manual

Guardian Security Barrier Manual – The Crealco Guardian Barrier System has been designed to complement and work in conjunction with our extensive range of domestic and commercial systems.

Guardian Security Barrier

Guardian Security Barrier for windows and doors is the latest addition to the Crealco product range. Offering the assurance of safety in-home or office


PRO WING® BGS-A201 SPEEDSTILE FLAP BARRIER DC BRUSHLESS MOTORISED versatile product is suitable for most entrance control

SpeedStile FLs: Flap Leaf Speed Gate for Internal Installation

The SpeedStile FLs with motorised flap leaves has minimal footprint, is transparent and user-friendly for all users, for sites where limited space is required and aesthetics are important. Quiet and smooth in operation, this Gunnebo Speed Gate concept design is available in the BA finish with square-ends or in the EV version with round-ends, both with a selection of cabinet lengths and flap leaf widths, top lid materials, finishes and options.

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