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Synthetic Turf / Grass Floor Covering

Easigrass™: Easi Sport

Easigrass luxury artificial grass for cricket, tennis, hockey, netball, multi-purpose and putting. Made from textured monofilament.

Easigrass | Artificial grass company | Van Dyck Floors

Easigrass is the artificial grass company that proudly supports the water utility corporation. Stop water waste and conserve our water supply.

Artificial Grass | Van Dyck Floors

Whether you are looking to freshen up a lawn, save water, or if you are creating a whole new garden, investing in Easigrass™ is a great way to transform your outdoor space. Easigrass™ is becoming ever popular due to its low maintenance, realistic look and dream garden appeal. Easigrass™ Is safe, clean and hygienic for all your pets too. There’s no mud or mess, no cutting or weeding and it creates beautiful outdoor spaces for family and friends to enjoy.

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