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Atlas SP | Passenger lift - KLEEMANN | Hands-on-Lifts

Atlas SP Passenger lift by KLEEMANN is a high-level security system, with a full range cover, customised cabins and green energy drive and control. The Atlas Basic and Atlas Gigas fall into this category of passenger elevators. For use in many different buildings including offices, shopping centers, hotels, business centers, airports, universities, libraries, the list goes on! The main difference between the Atlas Basic and Gigas is the size and load capacity and our sales team would be able to recommend which unit best suits your needs. Please feel free to contact them to see a brochure, answer any questions you may have or for a site visit to consult on the best solution for you!

SELE - SNG Lift Drive System

Sele SNG machine, room-less electric lifts exploits the best technologies in order to guarantee optimal performance even at high speeds while reducing energy consumption and the environmental impact. Available with a rated speed of 1 m/s or 1.6 m/s, they are ideal for buildings subject to intense traffic and lend themselves well to installation in shafts of reduced dimensions. Quiet and comfortable, they guarantee excellent stopping precision and an incomparably smooth ride.

Cabin Platform Lifts | Vimec | Hands 0n Lifts

The cabin platform lifts EcoVimec and Easy Move have state of the art structures in terms of strength, versatility and design. Vertical Platform Lifts are an ideal product for homes or office buildings. Available from two to five floor stops, getting around will be far easier with this well-designed, versatile and tailored product.

KLEEMANN Atlas Gigas / Atlas Super Gigas Commercial & Industrial | Hands on Lifts

Atlas Gigas is the traction solution for rated loads from 1050Kg to 2500Kg adjusted to your needs. It is equipped with KLEEMANN premium quality gearless motor and inverter of leading edge technology which enable exceptional ride quality, isolation of noises and very low energy consumption. Shape the product that best fits your needs through many design options and finishings.

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