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Dock Levellers

MaxiDock AP | Air Powered dock leveller

MaxiDock AP is an air powered dock leveller from Maxiflex industrial door and loading dock solutions for the Sub-Sahara African market.

DYNACO D-311 LF | Stab-a-Load

The DYNACO D-311 LF (Low Friction) is designed for internal applications. It offers a perfect seal provided by the patended “BEAD” technology.The DYNACO D-311 LF requires little space and protects your environment against drafts, humidty, dust and dirt.

Stab-A-Load | Loadhog Modular Dock Bridge

The LoadHog is a modular dock bridge designed to span the gap between the warehouse and the trailer

Stab-A-Load | Kelley Vehicle Restraints

Kelley has developed a comprehensive lineup of simple, reliable, low-maintenance safety products, specially designed to prevent loading dock accidents

Dock Light

The FT Ultra Dock Light has been designed to withstand impact at the dock without damage to the light or the truck. The flexible arm simply moves the lamp out of the way upon impact and allows easy re-positioning.

ASSA ABLOY DS6060A: Dock Shelter

The ASSA ABLOY DS6060A is a curtain dock shelter which is the standard solution for energy saving oriented operators. It is equipped with a weight reducing aluminium frame. The vehicle reverses into the ASSA ABLOY DS6060A curtain shelter which seals it off with flexible side and top curtains, giving weather protection during the loading and unloading process.

ASSA ABLOY DL6020TI: Dock Leveller

Unbroken temperature chains in storage, loading and transportation are vital. In addition, big temperature differences between the inside and outside of a cold storage facility might create costly energy losses during loading and unloading. The ASSA ABLOY DL6020TI Teledock Isodock has been designed to cope with such demands. Studies show that, compared to conventional docking systems, energy savings of up to 75 percent are created. Unlike conventional docking systems, the ASSA ABLOY DL6020TI Teledock Isodock leveller is placed behind a well insulated sectional door. It is also hermetically sealed off from below, preventing cold or hot air access.

ASSA ABLOY DL6010S: Dock Leveller

The ASSA ABLOY DL6010S Swingdock is the standard solution in general industry applications which is easy to operate. The swing lip of the ASSA ABLOY DL6010S Swingdock safely bridges the gap between the ramp and the vehicle bed.

ASSA ABLOY DE6090DL: Docking Equipment

ASSA ABOLY DE6090DL dock light heavy duty LED is a unique and innovative product . This exclusive product is a convenient, safe and sustainable help when working in and around the docking area. It has a modern, solid and reliable design, and is truly user friendly.

Maxiflex | Crawford DE6090DI: Docking Equipment

The Crawford DE6090DI Dock-IN from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems is the world’s first combined solution with parking guide- and traffic lights in one system. With Crawford DE6090DI Dock-IN you will have a safe and secure docking with help of white guiding lights and red traffic lights.

Stab-A-Load | Dynaco All Weather M2

The Dynaco All Weather M2 is specifically designed for medium sized heavy duty operations in exterior environments with extreme wind loads. It protects your environment against drafts, humidity, dust and dirt. The door opens and closes fast, improving your traffic flows…

Stab-A-Load | Kelley LX Dock Leveller

The LX dock leveller’s standard features: robust design, 9 IPE deck support stiffeners capable of withstanding impact from 3 wheel forklift trucks, 10 000kg standard carrying capacity, deck construction from 6/7 safety tread plate, imported dual airbag made from TS 55 hypalon fabric…

Stab-A-Load | Polytite Sectional Polycarbonate Doors

Panels made with 5/8″ (16mm) thick, triple-walled polycarbonate sheet are lightweight, providing easy operation with minimum stress on hardware components. Translucent polycarbonate panels provide a naturally-lit, inviting work environment and help reduce winter heating costs.

Stab-A-Load | Efaflex S-Series

If speed is what you need, then EFAFLEX High-Speed Spiral Doors will give you the superior advantage. Thanks to their unique construction – the spiral – they achieve peak speeds of up to 4 m / s. Accelerating your work processes enormously

Stab-A-Load | APS Resource Dock Protection Systems

Molded, laminated and formed-steel bumpers. Provides maximum cushioning protection against vehicle damage to docks, building and cargo. Constructed to last and provide years of protection. Eliminates costly repairs from severe shock to dock. Low maintenance.

Hydro-Tilt Hydraulic Door

Stab-A-Load introduces the new Hydro-Tilt hydraulic door, the latest technology in industrial door solutions which is revolutionising the “large door” industry.

Stab-A-Load | Kelley aFX Dock Leveller

At Kelley, we saw the problems of conventional dock levellers and set out to create a superior alternative. The result: The aFX. It is innovative, cost effective and is taming harsh, ever-changing loading dock environments. aFX dock levellers improve dock performance by offering simple, reliable operation and a proven, durable structural design that leads to lower operating costs, increased productivity and safety.

Stab-A-Load | Kelley Guard Seal - Dock Leveller Sealing System

ENERGY GUARD™ provides a superior perimeter seal along the sides and rear of your dock leveler and blocks dirt, debris, insects and most importantly prevents energy loss. The innovative design closes off the gaps between the dock leveler and concrete pit walls

Stab-A-Load | APS Resource - Products Brouchure

APS Resource was founded to support the material handling distribution network’s efforts in providing quality maintenance and repair service to its customers. Since then, we have added our own line of products to upgrade your existing equipment and to enhance the safety and energy efficiency of your loading dock and warehouse

Stab-A-Load | Kelley Speciality Dock Levellers

KELLEY Specialty Dock Levelers provide unique solutions to various loading dock application challenges. Whether you need a custom dock leveler system for cold storage operations, a heavy-duty dock leveler for high volume, heavy capacity loads, or a truly unique device to service extra wide trailers below dock, Kelley has a tailored solution to meet your specific needs.

Stab-A-Load | Kelley HULK® Dock Lifts and Ergonomic Lift Tables

Kelley HULK Lift Products help increase productivity and employee safety with innovative, cost effective solutions to the unique challenges associated with moving products in the plant and on the dock.

Stab-A-Load | Kelley Dock Loading Solutions

Kelley has provided customers with the highest quality, dependable products and the lowest lifetime cost of ownership for more than a half century. Kelley manufactures a variety products designed to make dock-loading an easier, safer and more efficient process.

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