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Composite Cladding


ALUCOBOND ® PLUS vintage – expressive and timeless. Natural patina on a material gives it a truly distinctive charm, and individual weathering features

ALUCOBOND ® At a glance | original aluminium composite material

ALUCOBOND composite material surfaces are coated using exclusively high-quality and eco-friendly lacquer systems. They are highly weather-resistant and resistant to industrial emissions. These properties are achieved using UV-resistant bonding agents. For top-level architecture in exterior applications, we use high-grade polymer coating systems, e.g. PVDF and FEVE lacquers, which have proved ideal for architectural applications.

ALUCOBOND ® Facade Fascination - building skins | 3A Composites

The “skin of the architecture” is a core topic of modern construction. Building envelopes, therefore, deserve particular attention. They can be simple and functional, exciting and representative. The proportion, materials, surface structure and colouring of façades lead to the creation of unique structures, the balanced and qualitative interplay of which characterise the building culture.

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