Building Product Brochures & Datasheets


Warrior Hydraulic Bollards

The Warrior hydraulic bollard can be used to control vehicles in either one way or two way configurations and is specifically designed to interface with our extensive range of access control security systems, remote manned operation or open/close vehicle loop detectors.

Removable, Static and Rubber Bollards

Rubber Bollards – Boomgate Systems has developed a range of bollards over the years, covering high-security anti-ram bollards, lockable removable security bollards, hooped bollards and high security automated bollards. Applications: hotels, airports, paraplegic parking, VIP parking, exhibitions…

Stab-A-Load | A-Safe Barriers

A-Safe is the most innovative safety barrier system on the market. A-Safe products are polymer-based, so they are far more flexible and durable than conventional steel barriers. Hit them with a vehicle and they will spring back into shape, rather than bending or buckling, thus cutting maintenance costs…

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