Building Product Brochures & Datasheets

Fibreglass Reinforcing Mesh


This glass fibre reinforced geogrid is designed to redirect crack stresses horizontally and dissipate the traffic induced stresses. Thus it helps retard cracks from reflecting through a new asphalt overlay to the surface. GlasGrid is a polymer coated woven glass fibre grid structure with a pressure sensitive adhesive for asphalt reinforcement.

Glass Fibre Mesh Datasheet

Glass Fibre Mesh Datasheet Glass Fibre Mesh consists of woven fibre glass mesh, impregnated and coated with specially designed acrylic co-polymers that is alkali resistant. This glass fibre and co-polymer based composite offers a versatile and cost effective alternative in a variety of reinforcement applications.

Membranes Datasheet

Membranes Datasheet Thin pliable sheets of material forming a barrier or lining

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